Home Energy Audit

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Get a Home Energy Audit Today and learn how and where to save.

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Once the Home Energy Audit is complete our certified home inspector will provide you with a Home Energy Report which will reflect where you are using energy and make recommendations on how to reduce your home’s energy costs.

A Home Energy Audit is the first step to saving energy and money!

Information is Power...or Rather $avings

If you are looking to save money on your utility bills and or looking to lower your carbon footprint then a Home Energy Audit may be for you. A Home Energy Audit is also known as a Home Energy Report or Home Energy Assessment which provides homeowners valuable information on where they are losing energy so they know where to focus their own energy to reduce their energy bills.

Professional Home Energy Audits evaluates the number of residents within the home in addition to your areas energy prices on electricity, natural gas, propane, or fuel oil, and we take into consideration the design of your home to include the direction your home is facing, lastly, we will count the number of lights as well as the type of lighting throughout the home and visually inspect insulation, windows, appliances, heating and cooling equipment.