4 Major Home Fails You Seriously Need To Know About!

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When discussing real estate, it is very common for buyers to have a home inspection completed on the house they are purchasing. It is also very common to see lots of DIY home fails when touring houses too. Buyers typically want to have a home inspection completed to ensure there are not any major defects on the home prior to buying and moving in.
A home inspection will help a buyer best understand any major issues in a house that need to be fixed and can then decide if they want to continue with the purchase of the home and fix it later on or if they want to re-negotiate and discuss the issues of the home with the sellers.
There are many things that can go wrong with a home inspection as well as many things that can go right! No one wants their home to have tons of issues on an inspection report but if there is something majorly wrong with a house it is best to figure it out prior to moving in and closing.

The items listed below are four Major Home Fails. These home fails typically can be an expensive fix and can result in a large amount of damage to a home. It is very important to have your home inspected by a certified home inspector to help you have a second opinion on the structure and safety of your home to ensure your home does not have these home failures.

Home Fail #1. Foundation Issues

Foundation Fail Foundation issues is a common home fail that can cause major problems. A foundation issue is not only an expensive fix but an unstable foundation can make the house unsafe too. Cracks on the exterior of a home can lead to moisture coming through and damaging the house or it can mean the house is unstable. Other items that are alarming and can alert to something being wrong with the foundation is a leaning chimney or uneven floors. Typically if foundation issues are listed on a home inspection report, it is best to have it reviewed by a foundation repair contractor to evaluate the severity of the damage.

Home Fail #2. Roofing Fails

Roof FailThe next major home failure is roofing problems. A roof is a major part of a home and if there is damage to the roof it can lead to a major headache and expensive fix. A home inspector will review the roof to determine that it is in great shape and make any notes of damage on the inspection report.

Missing shingles, signs of sagging, or signs of water damage can all point to roofing problems. Our certified home inspector here at Ellingwood Pro takes it a step further and walks on the roof to ensure there are no soft spots or major areas of damage. This extra step helps to give buyers a little more details when reviewing the roof on the inspection report.

Home Fail #3. Plumbing Failures

Plumbing Fail No one wants water leaking in from their basement or water pouring in from their roof, so it should come to no surprise that no one wants water dripping from their homes plumbing either.

Plumbing issues are a major home fail and repair. Some plumbing is behind the walls so it can make it super inconvenient to repair as well. Plumbing issues can be a number of things but generally low water pressure or signs of water damage on the walls are never a good sign.

Home Fail #4. Electrical Problems

Electrical Home FailAnother pesky home fail found during inspections are electrical issues. Electrical issues can also be very dangerous. Faulty or damaged wires are a huge red flag and a major hazard on a home inspection report. Home inspectors typically review a home for overloaded breakers as well and make note of any light switches or outlets that do not work.

Electrical problems can even lead to fire hazards or can potentially shock someone causing very serious damage. Electrical issues are a major home failure found during a home inspection not only because of the expense it would cost to fix some of the issues but also because of the potential danger as well.


A home inspection helps to give buyers some reassurance prior to purchasing a home to know about these home failures and more. A house is a major investment so it is best that they have the house inspected by a certified inspector to ensure the house is safe and does not need any additional work outside of what they were expecting.

Repairs on a house can also be very expensive, so a home inspection also lists some of the major repairs that will be needed to a home so a buyer best understands what they are buying. To avoid these major home fails, it is always best to inspect before you buy!


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