Change of Address – 12 Steps and a Helpful Checklist

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Congrats, you moved! But did you remember to complete your change of address for everything? When you buy or sell a home there are a lot of changes that happen. In the middle of packing, cleaning, the home inspection, and closing on the house, the last thing you want to worry about is changing your address.

The change of address process is more than just updating your address with the post office, there are so many other places you have to update your address with. I have compiled a super easy-to-use checklist at the bottom of this blog that you can download and print for the next time you need to update your address. If you love it, please share it with your friends and family or anyone you think may benefit from it.

Change of Address Locations

USPS: This is the first stop on your list of places to contact with your change of address is the United States Postal Service. You can stop by a local post office and submit the form physically or you can submit the change of address paperwork online. Either option is important to get completed as soon as possible to be sure most of your mail begins to be forwarded to your new address.

DMV: When moving into a new home it’s important to make sure you update the address for your drivers license and registration to your vehicles. In some states you may be able to do this online.

Voter Registration: Voters registration might be something that is overlooked but come election day you will be upset if you didn’t take the time to update your address. If you move to a different state be sure to register to vote in the new state.

Bank and Bank Forms: You will want to make sure that your address is correct for your bank account. Make sure if you have checks you check with the bank to see how you can update your address. Make sure when updating you address at the bank you ask them to update all of your accounts with your new address to ensure no statements go missing in the mail. If you use several different banks be sure to contact each one directly.
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Credit Cards: When you are moving to a new home updating your address may seem like a never ending task but you want to make sure you are still receiving bills and have an accurate address for new credit cards. Make a list of all of your credit cards and update your new address with each company.

Student Loans or Other Loan issuers: If you have student loans, auto loans etc. make sure you update your address with them as well to make sure you are receiving bills and accurate updates.

Utilities: When moving into a new house you will begin to set up utilities in your name and at your new address. Don’t forget to contact any previous utility companies you have to update your address and close the accounts if needed. Be sure to contact your Gas, Electric, Water and Internet or cable companies.

v9abxgpt53oCell Phone:  A cell phone is a bill you don’t want to forget to pay. Even if you have automatic payments or paperless billing be sure to update your address so you can be sure if anything needs to be sent to you in the mail it’s already updated.

Insurance:  Typically when purchasing a home you will have already spoke with your insurance company about your home owners insurance but don’t forget to have them update your address for your auto insurance or any other policies you have with them. If you have insurance with different companies be sure to reach out to each of them with an updates address.

Health Insurance, Vision and Dental: It’s important that you have an updated address for your health, vision, dental and any other insurance you have in case they need to you new ID cards or other information.
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Employer: Make sure you update your address with your employer to ensure they have the most updated information for you.

Online Retailers, Subscription boxes and Auto Shipments: Don’t forget about your amazon prime account or your favorite online store when placing your next order. You don’t want your packages being sent to the wrong address. Make sure you update any subscription boxes or auto ship items you have set up too.

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Ellingwood Pro hopes you find this information about the change of address process helpful for when you need to complete the change of address process.


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