Check Pre-List Home Inspection off Your Seller Checklist!


Selling your home is super stressful! You have to worry about picking the best real estate agent, you have to pack all your belongings into boxes and to top it off you have to keep the house clean between showings! It’s an emotional roller coaster because most of the time you have turned the house into a home and have tons of memories in those 4 walls.

I still remember when we sold our first house, I cried when I was packing up my sons room because we had already created so many beautiful memories there. I had realized this was where we brought him after he was born and I remembered all the “firsts” he had in the house.

Listing your home can be a very emotional time and the last thing you want to worry about after getting through listing the house, the open houses, all the showings, the offers, the counter offers and signing the paperwork is a big surprise during the home inspection! Many sellers cringe during a home inspection because they hope that in the house they loved for years doesn’t have a big fat surprise lurking in the walls! Not only that, but when you have lived in a house for a while you learn to “live with things.” A roof that you noticed needed to be replaced last winter but you wanted to wait to call the roofing company until the weather got nicer can definitely be a costly surprise during a home inspection. That paired with the rotting wood on the front porch pillars that you have been meaning to fix, can definitely send buyers in the opposite direction.

Many real estate agents recommend a pre-list home inspection. A pre-list home inspection is exactly that! It is an inspection of your home prior to putting it on the market. The biggest benefit to a pre-list home inspection is to prevent you from being blindsided during the home inspection by some major repairs that your home may need. It also allows you to fix things that may be a deal breaker to potential buyers prior to anyone even taking a look at the house. A couple items on a pre-list home inspection may be quick fixes, but to a buyer it can be a bit overwhelming. Getting the inspection and items on the list fixed prior to listing the house adds an extra level of assurance when negotiating the sale as well.

Have you heard the term, it is a sellers market? Another great benefit to a pre-list home inspection is that is makes you, as a seller, a bit more competitive against other houses on the market. It gives an extra added benefit that many other houses on the market may not have. Not only that, but it some situations it may even allow you to have a quicker closing. Majority of the time a buyer needs up to 15 days to have a home inspection conducted but when a seller does this ahead of time it allows for a speedier closing.

As a buyer, think about it, wouldn’t you love to see an inspection of a house prior to putting in an offer? I know I would! Not only that but I would also get the impression that the seller is ready to sell and is doing everything they can to make the closing process as smooth as possible!

Selling a home is not only emotionally draining but completely stressful at times. When you are compiling the list everything you have to do prior to listing the house, make sure you add pre-list inspection toward the top. You will be so happy you did and might have a little less stress when the offers start rolling in.


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