4 Christmas Tree Safety Tips


The Christmas season is here and it is the time of year when people begin to decorate their Christmas Trees. Many beautiful Christmas trees are cut down and purchased from tree farms and then people decorate them with twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments. Christmas is a magical time of year when people gather with loved ones and give gifts and celebrate the season. A house fire is the last thing anyone wants to worry about so be sure to follow these simple Christmas tree safety tips this season.

Pick the Right Christmas Tree

Selecting a Christmas tree is such a fun adventure. Whether you are cutting it down at a tree farm or selecting from a pile of fresh-cut trees, it is very important to pay close attention to the details of the tree. When you are selecting a tree make sure you don’t just grab the first one you see. Touch the tree and make sure the needles do not fall off when touched. Make sure the tree you choose has fresh green needles and appears to be healthy.

Fireplace and Christmas Tree


Pay attention to where you display the tree in your home. Make sure you do not have it next to a heat source to avoid fire hazards. Fireplaces, candles, heat vents, and light fixtures should all be 3 feet away from your Christmas tree to avoid a fire. It is also very important to make sure your tree is not blocking any exits in the home. This is something that may be overlooked but definitely keep trees out of the way of all exits in case of an emergency. Whether you are getting a real or a fake tree it is best to follow both of these tips when finding a location to display the tree in your home.

Christmas Tree

Water Your Christmas Tree

When you have a live Christmas tree, be sure you water your tree every day. The shedding of needles can mean that the tree is drying out.  A dry tree can be very dangerous as it can catch fire easily. It is important you make sure you replace the water in your Christmas tree every day to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Christmas Tree

Lights on Your Christmas Tree

Regardless of if you are using a real or an artificial tree, it is very important to pay attention to Christmas lights. When you are selecting Christmas lights for your tree, make sure you choose Christmas lights that are evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory. One example is Underwriters Laboratories (UL). You will also want to be sure you inspect your lights for any damage prior to plugging in. Make sure any Christmas lights you use do not have any damage to the cords or have loose bulbs.

Another thing to pay attention to when using Christmas lights is indoor and outdoor use and using the correct lights for where they will be used. Another thing to note is when you are headed to bed or leave your home make sure you turn off your Christmas lights.


Christmas is such a beautiful time of year and a house fire can be heartbreaking. Make sure you follow these simple tips when setting up your Christmas tree this season and share them with all your family and loved ones to ensure they are staying safe as well. A couple of these simple changes can make a huge difference when preventing a fire.

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