6 Well-Known and Deceptive Home Inspection Myths Debunked

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There are so many myths or misconceptions about a home inspection and what it entails. Below you will find several of the myths surrounding home inspections debunked and broken down showing just how untrue these myths really are.

Myth #1: All Home Inspectors Are the Same

This is a completely false myth! All home inspectors are not the same, so do not let this myth keep you from choosing the best home inspector for you. Some home inspectors are much more thorough than others and some are much more experienced. Not all home inspectors deliver their inspection reports the same day as the inspection. It is important to research several different home inspectors in your area and look over their reviews to ensure you are getting the best home inspector possible.

It is important to ask what certifications an inspector has as well as where they are licensed to complete an inspection. An inspector who is certified with an association such as InterNACHI, follows a specific standard of practice and completes continuing education courses as well as additional training to ensure they stay up to date on all areas.Home Inspection Myths

Myth #2: A Home Inspection and Home Appraisal are the Same Things

This is a myth. A home inspection and an appraisal are 2 completely different processes, completed by different professionals for different reasons. An appraisal is an evaluation of the current market value of the property. An appraisal is typically completed for the bank or lender to help them determine how much the buyer can borrow to purchase the property. An inspection does not look at the property value in any way and instead inspects the property. An inspection is normally completed for the buyer or seller to determine if the property is safe and if there are any structural issues or areas of concern in the property.

Myth #3: Home Inspections Are Only Needed If You are Buying a Home

This is another myth. A lot of buyers have a home inspection completed but sometimes sellers have a home inspection completed as well. A competitive buyer may have a home inspection completed prior to listing their property for sale to ensure they have any major defects repaired to get top dollar in the sale of their home. Sometimes people even schedule a home inspection after living in their home for several years just to have it checked to make sure there is nothing major they should focus on repairing.

Home Inspection Myths

Myth #4: Home Inspections Are Not Needed on New Construction

This is a complete myth! Home inspections are definitely needed for a new construction home. A builder will complete his own inspection of the property but a new construction inspection protects the client building the home. It helps check over the builder’s work and ensure all items in the house are completed properly. During a home inspection, the inspector will inspect the foundation, roof, panel box, systems, appliances, plumbing, electrical work, and many other areas of the home to ensure they are completed properly, safe, and working correctly.

Myth #5: A Home Inspection Will Make Sure Your Property is Up To Code  

Once again, another untrue myth. A home inspection will actually not look at if a building is up to code. Home inspectors are not required to know building codes or enforce them. Many building codes vary based on the location so there would be no way for an inspector to know all the codes based off a specific service area. A home inspection reviews the structure and safety of a home.

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Myth #6: Home Inspections Are Pass Or Fail

This is a complete Myth. Home inspections are not a pass or fail review. This myth is untrue because there are many things that are inspected during a home inspection. If there is something wrong with an area of the home a home inspector will document their findings in their report. If the roof is old and shows signs of a leak or the foundation has a large crack in it the inspector will list it in their report.

Based on the inspector’s findings the client can then choose to renegotiate the cost of the property or even walk away from the purchase depending on their original offer and/or contract. A home inspection report can be used to benefit a buyer when asking for things to be repaired or replaced. A report will not list pass or fail but it will document all the findings of structural concerns, safety concerns, and anything else the inspector finds.

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