Do I Need to be There for the Home Inspection? 

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During the home buying process, there are so many different events that occur. From showings to the home inspection, to the appraisal to closing it can feel like a roller coaster of events. The good news is that you do not have to be there for every second of all of the events.  Once your offer is accepted it is time to start the home inspection scheduling process. At this time you will typically talk with your real estate agent about what home inspectors they recommend and who they have had the best experience with. When you use Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections the scheduling process can be completed online. 
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You can view the inspector’s availability online and choose the best inspection slot based on your schedule. When scheduling the appointment, you simply type in the home address and the inspection services you need. From there you will see the price of the inspection and a calendar showing you what dates and times are available for the services needed. From there you will be able to submit the inspection details such as your name, real estate agent’s name, and phone numbers.  

Once the inspection is confirmed we make it super easy for both you and your real estate agent. Several reminders about the inspection date, time and address are sent to both you and your agent to ensure they know the time as well. You can sign your inspection agreement online with us and of course call or text us with any questions you may have during the entire process. After your appointment is confirmed with us you will have access to make your payment online too. We make the process super simple to help ease some of the stress that comes with buying or selling a home.  

Once the inspection day arrives, we try to make it super easy for our clients as well. You may be thinking, do I have to be there for the inspection? The short answer is, no you do not have to be there. You will receive a written report detailing all of our findings after the inspection is completed regardless of if you are there or not. We understand that a lot of home buyers want to be there during the inspection to ask questions and understand the house better and that is fine too. We typically recommend that a client comes to a home inspection about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours after the inspection start time. This allows the inspector to go through the property first and then go through a second time with the buyer to go over everything found in detail.  

 After the inspection is completed, here at Ellingwood Pro home inspections, provide the inspection report the same day so clients have all the information they need. Ellingwood Pro home inspections make the entire inspection process super simple and if you don’t want to be there during the inspection you don’t have to be!  


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