Energy Saving – 7 Tips That May Even Help Save You Money!


Energy saving may not be on your mind right now. You are probably budgeting your paycheck and paying bills which is generally not everyone’s favorite thing to do. From the groceries, to the mortgage, credit card bills, car insurance, car payment, etc. it all seems to be a bit overwhelming at times. On top of everything else you have to worry about your utility bills too! They tend to add up fast and they can especially be high when your home is not running efficiently.

Most of the time people think there is nothing they can do about their energy bills but the great news is that there are actually a ton of little things you can do to help lower your energy bills! Here are some of the top things you can do to actually see a difference on your electric bill and energy consumption.


Close your Blinds and Curtains

The seasons can play a major role in your energy costs. When it is the middle of the summer it is important to try to keep the sun out of rooms in your home to prevent it from warming up the temperature inside. Closing the blinds can help keep the sun out. Another great option is using black out curtains along with closed blinds to help keep the rooms dark and cool.

Turn off the AC

Another great way to save money on your electric bill is to turn off the AC when you are able. If it is nice enough outside to just keep the windows open and not use the AC take advantage of it. You do not always have to have your Air Conditioner running to cool down your home especially in some of the spring time months. Opening the windows can dramatically make a difference when not running the AC.

Dry your Laundry Outside

Another great thing about when it is warm outside is that you can dry your laundry outside and skip using the dryer. This will save you money on your electric bill because you will not be using a major appliance instead let the heat and the sun dry your clothes. This is a very easy fix and will only cost you the amount of the laundry line to make the switch in the warmer months.


Turn off the Lights

This one may sound pretty obvious but it is certainly one that is overlooked at times. When leaving the home try to make sure all lights are off. When you are home during the daylight hours try to be conscious of if you really need a light on in a specific room and if not, turn it off.

Also, do not be afraid to turn off the porch lights too! They do not need to stay on all night long and burn through energy while you are sleeping so don’t forget to shut them off when you do not need them. Go do this one right now, stop reading for a second and walk around your home and see what lights or lamps you have on just soaking in all the energy. 


Layers and Blankets 

When it is cold instead of automatically touching the thermostat grab another blanket or put on another layer. We quickly forget that the reason we are cold may be because we are walking around in a T-shirt or do not have a blanket on the couch. Adding another layer or an extra blanket may warm you right up instead of turning up the heat.

LED Bulbs

Replace your regular light bulbs with LED bulbs. These are so much more energy efficient and can make a difference on your electric bill. This is a simple fix you can start the next time you buy light bulbs at the store. You can simply start with one bulb at a time. Are you wondering why LED bulbs can make a difference? Check out this article from Sustainability Victoria.

Home Energy Audit


Last but definitely not least, a great way to see where your home may not be as efficient as it should be is with a Home Energy Audit. This assessment can help you best understand the overall picture of your specific home’s energy usage. When booking a Home Energy Audit with Ellingwood Pro-Home Inspectors you will be provided with valuable information letting you know where you should focus your efforts when making your home more efficient.

Of course there are many different ways to save on your electric and energy costs but some of the ones listed about are the quickest and easiest ones to get you started. A Home Energy Audit can dive down deep into where your specific home is losing energy so then you can better decide if you need to replace windows, add caulk around your trim or even if you need to begin focusing your efforts on insulating your home better. Using these simple tips should help you save a little bit on your next energy bill and some of them might be an easy solution you can try right now! Have energy saving!

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