7 Fire Safety and Prevention Tips To Keep You Safe!

Fire alarm

Fire safety and prevention week is October 3-9, 2021. Ellingwood Pro takes safety very seriously and fire safety is no exception! We have compiled several tips that we think are the most helpful when it comes to fire safety and prevention.

Fire Safety Tip #1 – Know the Difference in Carbon Monoxide Detectors and the Smoke Alarms

In a home be sure to take time to know the difference between Carbon Monoxide Detectors and the Smoke Alarms. A smoke detector alerts you when there is smoke in your home and a possible fire while a carbon monoxide detector alerts you when there are high levels of poisonous gas in the home. Be sure you know where they are and what one is which so you can best understand what to do if the alarm goes off

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Tip #2 – Replace Batteries in Both your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Be sure to take time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors every six months. It is important to make sure these batteries never go dead as you never know when you will need them to alert you of an emergency.

Fire Safety Tip #3 – Install Smoke Detectors on Every Level of Your Home 

Whether you just bought a home or are taking the time to be cautious in case of a fire, make sure you check that there is a smoke detector on each level of your home at a minimum. Smoke detectors in main living areas and bedrooms is also a great idea as well.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Tip #4 – Plan Your Escape Route and Meeting Place in Case of a Fire

It is a great idea to plan an escape route and practice a fire drill in case of a fire. Be sure to go over the escape route and meeting place with each member of the family. Be sure to practice the escape route often. It is important that everyone knows in the case of a fire that once they make it out of the house not to enter back in the home. Once you are out of the home it is time to call for help. Be sure to remind children where the meet up area is and that they are not to enter back into the home under any circumstances if it is on fire.

Fire Safety Tip #5 – Check Your Home Appliances and Wiring 

Be sure to inspect all areas of your home for faulty wiring and inspect your appliances to ensure they are not a hazard. If something in your home is a hazard be sure to replace it or repair it right away to prevent a future fire.

Fire Safety Tip #6 – Keep BBQ grills at Least 10 Feet from the House

This tip may seem like a very simple fire safety tip, but it is something that is easily forgotten. Do your best to remember to move all grills, fire pits and other flammable items away from your home. When you are cooking on a grill outdoors be sure to keep proper distance from your home or deck to protect it from keeping fire.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Tip #7 – Do Not Leave Cooking Unattended

This tip may also seem super simple but it is something that is easily forgotten. When cooking, do your best not to get distracted or if something needs your attention more than your cooking, make sure you turn off the stove prior to walking away.

Fires are very scary and can destroy your home in a small amount of time. Do your best to take precautions in your home to prevent a fire and prepare your family in case of an emergency. Make sure you discuss what to do in case of an emergency with everyone in your family no matter how young or old.


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