Home Energy Audits -What are They and 3 Reasons Why They Are Important?


Home Energy Audits is an add on service that is offered by Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections. For some, this may be a service they never heard of before or maybe you are not too familiar with them and their numerous benefits. In this blog, we hope to familiarize you with them and why they are important.

What are Home Energy Audits?

To put it simply a Home Energy Audit, otherwise known as a home energy assessment, is an assessment of your home’s energy. That seems obvious, given the name, but these assessments provide a homeowner with lots of valuable information regarding their home’s energy use. This service helps homeowners determine which parts of the house use the most energy, which parts may need more energy, and any parts of the home that are wasting energy.

Home Energy Audit

Why Should You Schedule One?

There are three main reasons you should schedule a Home Energy Audit: it helps reduce your carbon footprint, it gives you further insight into your home’s condition, and it can help your home be as efficient as possible.

Trying to reduce your carbon footprint is a valiant goal, most people try to achieve this goal by exclusively using public transportation or bikes, and by reducing their plastic intake. However, another great way to lessen carbon emissions is to give your home a Home Energy Audit.

When a professional home energy inspector tours your home they will examine which parts of the home use the most energy, while taking into consideration how many people live in your home and the general structure of the home too. Things like the home’s heating and cooling equipment, insulation, and your energy costs are included in the audit. Knowing whether or not a certain appliance needs as much energy as its getting can help you cut down on energy waste and, therefore, contribute to less carbon emissions.

When moving into a new home you want to be in the know when it comes to your home’s electrical appliances. Having a good understanding of your home’s energy comes as a great advantage to the average homeowner. Knowing what problems your home might have early on saves you time, money, and stress. If you want to properly understand your home then a Home Energy Audit is the way to go.

Energy Audits

The advantages that come with a home energy audit are numerous, but one of the greatest advantages by far is the ability to efficiently manage your home’s energy. When you understand which appliances need the most energy and which ones don’t need as much you can direct the energy accordingly. Efficiency is invaluable and who doesn’t want to save money? Properly directing your home’s energy can greatly reduce your home’s energy bills.


Overall home energy audits serve as a great investment for home buyers. The ability to reduce your energy bills and your carbon emissions not only benefit you but our planet as well. Additionally, it’s undeniable that there is great convenience in knowing more about your home. If you thrive on efficiency and are keen on saving money then a Home Energy Audit is more than worthy of your time. Plenty of home inspection companies provide this service, one particular company is Ellingwood Pro. Ellingwood Pro can provide you with the information you need from the experience of a qualified home inspector.ellingwoodpro

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