As Is Home – 3 Important Reasons You Should Have A Home Inspection Completed

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You may be wondering, is a home inspection necessary on a house that is being sold “as is?” The answer is an inspection is absolutely necessary, even on homes that are sold as is. In today’s market more and more homes are being sold “as is.” Sellers typically list a house “as is” to avoid making expensive repairs prior to listing the property and to avoid negotiations regarding the price of the home.

Home Inspections for "as is" Home

A house that is listed “as is” makes no guarantees on the property’s condition or if everything is working in the home. With the market being extremely competitive many homes are listed “as is” to help sellers get top dollar for their homes with little to no repairs.

Why Should a Home Inspection Be Completed on an As Is Home?

Avoid Costly Repairs

A home inspection will provide you with a detailed report of the property and highlight any major safety issues and major repairs. As a buyer, you may notice areas of the home that need work but a home inspection will provide you with a detailed review of all areas of the home.

A home inspector will check the interior and exterior of the property. They will ensure all appliances are in working order and check the foundation and basement for major issues and concerns. The electrical and plumbing of the property will also be inspected. Windows, doors, the HVAC system and ventilation will also be inspected thoroughly for defects.

Negotiating Tool

A home inspection on an “as is” home may not be used as a negotiating tool when discussing repairs to a home but it can provide knowledge about the property for the buyers to decide if they wish to purchase the home. If an inspection reveals too many major fixes for a home such as a cracked foundation, faulty electrical work, and a leaky roof, some buyers may not feel comfortable with purchasing it and taking on all the project.


Another reason to have a home inspection completed on an “as is” home is that it can provide buyers with a report breaking down all the issues that need to be fixed. They can essentially use the inspection as a checklist as to what areas they should fix.

as isIn the competitive market, many homes are listed “as is” to avoid having to make repairs to fix up the property prior to selling. When a house is listed “as is” it is a great idea to still have a home inspection completed to ensure you know what you are getting into when buying a home.

A home inspection may seem unnecessary or expensive when buying a home “as is” but make sure you consider if it would a great idea to have it completed prior to closing. This will help to ensure you know what items you should tackle first or if you can handle all the items that need to be repaired in the first place. Visit RedFin for more on what to consider when buying a home “as is”

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