Home Inspection Report – What Does 1 with Ellingwood Pro Look Like? 

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Are you curious to know what a home inspection report looks like? The home buying process consists of several steps prior to getting to the closing table. The inspection process can definitely be nerve-wracking because you never know what an inspector might find. Once you have submitted your offer and it was accepted, your next step is to schedule a home inspection.  Ellingwood Pro makes the scheduling process super simple. You can schedule your inspection completely online through the website. You can choose from several dates available and will get reminders about your upcoming inspection to make sure you don’t forget.


Once the inspection is scheduled, you will wait until the inspection day for the inspector to go through the property and complete the inspection report. With Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections, the reports are completed and digitally delivered the same day. This helps take the stress of waiting for a report off of the client so they have it as quickly as possible after the inspection has been completed.  

One question on a lot of clients’ minds is what does the inspection report look like with Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections? The home inspection report is sent to clients digitally where they can review all the details on their smartphone, computer, or tablet. At the bottom of this blog you will find a link to a sample home inspection report with Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections. As a reminder each inspection report will look a little bit different based off the specifics of the home but most of the areas will be similar.  

inspection report

Report Summary 

The inspection report has a section devoted to the report summary. This is located at the top of the menu section and it will break down the number of items inspected and the total recommendations. After clicking on summary, you will see the details about the inspection such as who was in attendance and the type of building being inspected. In this section you will also see the photos and the details of problem areas listed in the inspection report.  

inspection report

Areas of the Home 

The full report breaks down several areas of the home in detail. Some areas include the roof, living room, fire place, kitchen, garage, dining room, bedrooms, attic, crawl space or basement and even the heating and cooling systems. For each area of the home, you can click on the heading to view details on the inspector’s findings. Under each section you can view an overview, information, limitations and standards.  

This digital report is convenient but it also makes it easier to understand. The way the report is set up is to allow the client to break down each area of the home by section so they do not get overwhelmed by reading over each thing. It also allows the client to download a PDF version of the report if they prefer to view it that way as well. If you are curious on what an inspection report looks like with Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections be sure to view our sample report to get a true understanding of what you will see as a client.  

View our sample inspection report here: https://app.spectora.com/home-inspectors/ellingwood-pro/sample_report?sample_id=7397  


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