10 Fast Tips for Increasing Your Home Value

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We here at Ellingwood Pro, have compiled a list of some of our favorite tips to increase the value of your home. From boosting curb appeal to completing a major project we have added several tips that we think can make a big difference in your home.

Increasing Home Value Tip #1: When in Doubt, Paint it! 

One of the quickest and top ways to increase the value of a home is with a coat of paint. Freshly painted rooms look clean and refreshed. A freshly painted front door helps boost curb appeal and make a home look nice and inviting. Paint is always a great way to update a space and it doesn’t break the bank. Be sure to choose neutral colors such as greys, whites or beiges to ensure that it will appeal to many potential buyers.

Increasing Home Value Tip #2:

Inspect it! 

Not all home improvements in your home are simple “Do It Yourself projects” that just need a quick coat of paint. It is important to have a certified home inspector come out to your house and complete a thorough inspection to ensure there aren’t any major fixes such as termites, old roofs or a leaky basement that could result in a big expensive fix. This can help you stay on top of any major repairs and get them completed to prevent them from bringing down the value of your home.

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Increasing Home Value Tip #3:

Take Another Look at the Bathroom 

Bathroom updates are always a great way to add value to your home. If you can not afford to do an entire bathroom remodel make sure you take the time to look over the bathroom and update a few small things. You can add a fresh coat of paint, remove old wallpaper, update the vanity, replace the faucet or even add a new light fixture. A few small updates in a bathroom can make a huge difference and help potential buyers feel like it has a great added value.

Increasing Home Value Tip #4:

Give the Kitchen a Little Love 

Bathrooms and Kitchens are what sell houses so take time to look at your kitchen and be aware of the updates you make throughout your time owning the home. When you are living in a home be sure to take care of your kitchen, not all home value needs to be added right before selling. Make sure you take time to pick out appliances that will last throughout the years when living in your home or slowly update them by replacing one appliance at a time throughout the years. When choosing items like cabinet and countertops, make sure you choose colors that are neutral and will appeal to many different buyers.

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Increasing Home Value Tip #5:

Look at Your Hardware 

A simple update that can add a nice fresh look to cabinets is knobs and hardware. Be sure to look at your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities to see if they need a little something extra. Fresh modern knobs can change the entire look of a kitchen!

Increasing Home Value Tip #6:

Spruce up The Landscaping 

The front of your home is the first thing anyone sees! Be sure to update your landscaping. Make sure to remove all weed and dead plants and replace them with new healthy plants to boost your home’s appearance. Be sure to trim up healthy trees and shrubs that you already have and take care of anything that is overgrown. The front of your home is the first impression a buyer sees so make sure you give them something great to look at!

Increasing Home Value Tip #7:

Power Wash Your Home

A clean freshly washed home can definitely help boost curb appeal. Pressure washing can remove years of buildup and dirt and give it an instant clean look.

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Increasing Home Value Tip #8:

Add a Patio or Deck 

Homes with an outdoor area such as a patio or deck have a very high return on investment. These areas create a great entertaining space for a homeowner to enjoy when owning the home and adds great value at a later time when they go to buy.

Be sure to stage it with great outdoor furniture so a buyer can envision themselves entertaining and enjoying time in the space too.

Increasing Home Value Tip #9:

Finish your Basement 

You can add more space in your home for yourself and potential buyers by finishing the basement. Many people finish their basement as an added entertainment space, office area, or even as an extra bedroom. A finished basement helps add more room to a home for everyone to enjoy and future buyers will definitely recognize and appreciate it if it is done right.

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Increasing Home Value Tip #10:

Don’t Skip on Minor Repairs Around the House

When looking to add value to your home don’t forget to take a look at all the small fixes. A broken window that you have learned to live with through the years or a couple holes in the wall that you never patched can be an eyesore for potential buyers so be sure to take a look at all the small fixes around the house too.

We hope you enjoyed this list of items we think can add value to your home. If you have any additional tips or fixes to add please comment with your favorites below! Curious about home much your home value is? Check out this Redfin home value estimator.


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