10 Great Spring and Summer Home Maintenance to Tackle

Changing a HVAC filter

The spring and summertime is the perfect time to check off items from your home maintenance to do list, but completing maintenance on your house can be very overwhelming. At times you may not even know where to start so we have compiled a list of 10 home maintenance actions that you can complete to help you get started! Most of these items are perfect for you to complete in the spring and summer to keep your house looking great all year long, inside and outside.

1. Replace your HVAC Filter

One thing you should be doing every quarter is changing out your HVAC filter. This is something that will not only help keep the indoor air quality at its best but it is also very important to keep your HVAC system running properly. Changing the filter will help prevent dust and debris from getting inside the air filter causing it to be less efficient.


2. Test your smoke detectors 

You should be testing your smoke detector batteries at least once a year. If you have not tested your smoke detectors recently it is a good idea to go ahead and test them to ensure they are working properly.

3. Run Water and Flush Toilets in Unused Areas

When you own a home it is important to maintain the entire home, even areas that are not used all the time. Be sure to run water and flush toilets in bathrooms and areas that do not get frequent use to keep the traps full and prevent future plumbing problems later on.


4. Deep Clean Your Oven 

When you are cleaning your house this month, take time to deep clean your oven. Your oven should be cleaned frequently to keep it in good working condition.

5. Clean Ceiling Fan Blades

Dirt and dust can build up on ceiling fans so it is important to keep your ceiling fan blades. Ceiling fans covered in dust mites can cause allergies so it is important to clean ceiling fans regularly.

6. Clean all Your Windows Inside and Out

Not only do clean windows look better and improve curb appeal, but it is also beneficial for longevity of the window as well. Cleaning windows helps prevent  glass degradation and efficiency as well.


7. Repair or Replace Window Screens

Since you are already cleaning all your windows you should take the time to inspect and look at each of your window screens. It is important to check these to prevent bugs and insects from coming into the house.

8. Tune Up Lawn Mower 

In the spring time be sure to tune up your lawn mower and ensure it is working properly. You want to get this completed sometime in the early spring so your mower is running smoothly throughout the summer.


9. Check your Siding for Damage and Repair if Needed

After the winter months be sure to take a look around the outside of your house and check to see if your siding needs fixed or repaired. It is important to make sure none of the siding is cracked to prevent long term damage later on. If you are not sure what to look for this spring or summer, check out this blog from Southwest Exteriors.

10. Pressure Wash and Clean Outside Areas (Porch, Deck, Siding and Patio)

With the nice spring and summer weather, be sure to check around the outside of your house and give it a good cleaning. It is best to use a pressure washer to get off dirt and build up from your deck, porch, siding and patio areas.


These 10 home spring maintenance tips are a good start for you to take action on your house in the warmer months of the year. These steps will help keep the house in top shape not just for this spring but for years to come too. As a home inspection company we know how important these small home maintenance steps are when it comes to your home.

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