Top 10 Most Common Issues Uncovered During Home Inspections

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Many different common issues can be uncovered by home inspectors during the home inspection process. Here is a list of the top ten most common issues that are uncovered during home inspections. Knowing this information can help you to know what might show up during the home inspection of the property you are looking at.

1. Roof Problems 


This can include missing shingles, leaks, holes, aged materials, improper installation, etc. All of these issues can be very costly to fix and can potentially lead to water damage, which is also costly to fix. Visit K Post for more signs to look for that may indicate roof damage.

2. Plumbing Issues 

Leaking pipes, outdated materials, broken toilets, etc. can all be plumbing issues that can appear in a home inspection. Plumbing issues can also lead to water damage and mold growth and are therefore potentially a major issue.

3. Poor Drainage 

If water is not properly drained away from the structure, it can lead to increased water pressure around the foundation which can lead to foundation cracks and water intrusions. Both of these things are bad.

4. Poorly Maintained House 

Some homeowners simply do not maintain their homes well. This means that the house might need a coat of paint, there could be damage to the floors, there might be holes in the walls, etc.

5. Minor Structural Damage 

This could include cuts and broken trusses in the attic cavity, small foundation cracks, or other non-serious structural damage. These issues will all need to be repaired, increasing the eventual investment of the homeowner. Therefore, the prospective homeowner needs to be fully aware of them.

6. Cracks and Separations at the Windows 

Cracks and separations at the windows can lead to air and water intrusions. This can lead to water damage and reduced energy efficiency. Both are significant problems and will need repairs.

7. Heating or Cooling Issues 

This can be an issue with the water heater, central air, aged equipment, etc. If there are issues with heating and cooling, it can be a major inconvenience for the homeowner, and repairs will be required.

8. Faulty Wiring 

common issues

Faulty wiring is a common issue that often occurs in older buildings. This is because the wiring might be worn out or outdated. Wiring issues should be fixed immediately because they represent a strong safety issue.

9. Inadequate Ventilation or Insulation in the Attic 

These common issues can lead to reduced energy efficiency and excessive utility costs for the homeowner. Therefore, if the home inspector sees them, they need to be addressed to prevent the new homeowner from wasting a lot of money on utilities.

10. Environmental Issues 

Environmental issues is another common issue that represents anything related to the home that can potentially have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. This could include toxic mold growth, heating oil tank leaks, or anything else.

Common Issues Conclusion 

These are the top ten most common issues that come up during home inspections. If you are very lucky, then the home that you are looking at will not have any of these common issues. However, unless your home is brand new, there is a very good chance that it will have at least one of these common issues.ellingwoodpro

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