5 Important Questions About New Construction Home Inspections


Building a new home is such a fun process. You get to customize the home to your needs and pick from many different options to make it work the best for you.  Buying a new home should be a super exciting process but it should also be done right. This is why you should get a New Construction Inspection.

I know what you are thinking, it is new construction, why would I need to get it inspected? Just because it is a brand-new home doesn’t mean mistakes can’t be made. Many times when a home is being built many different contractors and subcontractors are working on the home at once and with so many people and many different components to a home it is possible that something can be missed or overlooked.

Having a neutral third party come in and double check the builders work can be an amazing thing when building your home. It ensures the job is done right at different phases throughout the process and helps the buyer feel better about spending so much money on a home that can become a bit overwhelming during the buying and building process.

New Construction

New Construction-What is it?

It is an inspection of the home by a certified home inspector, hired by the buyer, throughout the building process. It allows the homeowner to be proactive and address issues throughout the building process to prevent an error that can cause a large defect later on.

New Construction-What is inspected?

The New Construction inspection is completed in three separate phases including the footer inspection, pre-drywall inspection and the final inspection.

New Construction-Footer Inspection

This is done prior to the foundation being poured. Our certified inspector will inspect the area and ensure the site has been excavated and grated correctly. If our inspector finds issue during this phase it is easier for the building to make any changes prior to pouring the foundation.

The footer is one of the most important elements of a home so you want to be sure the builder did not miss anything and that it is done right before you move past it and it is no longer an easier fix.

New Construction-Pre-drywall inspection

During the Pre-drywall inspection, our Certified home inspector inspects the foundation; floor system; roof system; wall system; plumbing system; electrical system; HVAC; exterior wall covering; roof covering; and the interior.  electrical wiring and junction box, placement; framing; foundation slabs, walls and drains; footings; notching of floor joists; firestop material; pier pads; crawlspace; retaining walls; plumbing pipe placement; waterproofing; flashing for windows and doors; wall studs; any missing metal clips; and the placement of HVAC air ducts and registers.

New Construction-Final inspection

The final inspection during the New Construction Inspection is the standard home inspection.

A standard home inspection is one that is typically completed when purchasing a home. It is a thorough inspection of the interior of the home, exterior of the home and all systems and appliances. Many items are reviewed during the standard home inspection. You can view more details on the standard home inspection process here.

Why should you get one?

When you are spending this much money on a home you want to be sure the work is done right the first time and not have to deal with the headache of getting something fixed later on that could have been prevented during the construction process. Not only that but if some of this issues are not caught right away they can be a very expensive fix later on that the buyer most likely will not be willing to pay for.

New Construction

What Could go Wrong in New Construction?

Things can still go wrong with new construction. Some of the main errors that are seen during a new construction are:

·   Issues with the Roof

·   Siding applied incorrectly

·   Gaps or cracks in driveway, patio and decks.

·   Exterior drainage issues.

·   Cracks or nail pops in drywall

·   Water issues

·   Humidity in the home or condensation from improper venting

·   Not enough insulation

·   Appliances being installed incorrectly

·   Flooring issues

New Construction

What about Building Codes? Are they the same thing?

Many people think that because a new home has to be built to code that it doesn’t need a home inspection. Building codes are not the same thing as a new construction home inspection.

Building codes only set the minimum standard for a home based off the city or county requirements. A home inspector works for the buyer! They are going to work for the buyer to find anything that is not safe or not completed correctly. They will look for anything that needs fixed and ensure the best practices are being used when reviewing the construction. They look at things beyond it just “being up to code.”

New homes are far from perfect. A great thing about a new construction inspection is that it is done in steps and when an error is caught early during the inspection process it can be fixed prior to moving onto the next steps. This is very important because many times it can prevent larger or more expensive fixes that can result in walls coming down, a roof coming off, etc.

Have questions about inspections? Give us a call at 276-566-5669. You can schedule directly online or by giving us a call. Curious about the cost of our inspections? Check out our free estimate tool on our website or by clicking here. Wonder what our reports look like? View our sample report.


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