New Construction Inspection – The 3 Phases, Their Importance, and Why You Need One

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When you are building a home (New Construction), you typically work with a builder and help choose paint colors, finishes, and other things to customize and help make it perfect for you. There are so many different people who will come in and help work on building a brand-new home. There are so many different components that go into building a home and many different trained professionals have to come in and complete specific tasks.

For example, one team may come in and work on the foundation but another person will install the HVAC system and another individual will tile the bathrooms. Since there are so many different people working on one home it’s not uncommon for something to be missed or overlooked.  The last thing you want to worry about when having your dream home built is something not being completed correctly. That is why having a new construction home inspection completed is very important.

New ConstructionYou may be wondering, why would someone have a new construction inspection completed when the builder will check everything before closing? A new construction inspection provides the client with a detailed report of each phase of the inspection. It helps give the client peace of mind to ensure things are completed correctly before moving onto the next phase of construction.

Not only that, but having a new construction inspection completed by Ellingwood Pro Home inspections, provides the client with an impartial, unbiased opinion of the work completed because they are hired by the client/buyer, not the builder.

man in yellow shirt and blue denim jeans jumping on brown wooden railings under blue and New Construction A new construction home inspection is different from the standard residential home inspection, it helps give the buyers a second opinion during the building process. There are three phases to a New Construction Home Inspection, the phases include, a footer inspection, pre-drywall inspection, and a final inspection.

The three different phases in a new construction inspection helps the client ensure things are getting completed correctly with each phase of the building process. With each phase, the work is completed and the quality of the work is reviewed to ensure it is done right!

Three Phases of the New Construction Inspection

New Construction

The three phases of the new construction inspection are all very important. The first phase of the new construction inspection is the footer inspection. This inspection is typically completed prior to the foundation being poured. Footers are typically made from rebar and are a very important aspect of the home. If this is not done completely it can cause major issues with the rest of the project or long term while living in your home.



New ConstructionThe next phase that is completed in the new construction inspection process is the pre-drywall inspection. This is completed after the foundation is poured, the home is framed and electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc is roughed in. This phase is completed before the drywall is started and our inspector will inspect the foundation, floor system, roof system, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and much more. This phase is very important because once drywall is completed you will no longer get an inside look at the inside of the walls to ensure things were completed correctly.

xgvwt544g8kThe final phase of the new construction home inspection is the final inspection. This is what we normally call the standard residential home inspection. During this inspection, our certified home inspector will inspect the final product of the exterior, interior, and all appliances and components of the house as covered by the standards of practice.

A new construction home inspection is completed in three different phases and it helps give you an unbiased opinion to ensure things are completed correctly. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a home without having an inspection completed, even if it is a new construction house. It is very important to inspect before you buy to keep you protected in your home buying or building process.


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