New Construction Inspection- The 2 Phases and Importance Of Having One Completed

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Why is it important to have a new construction inspection completed? People have builders build the home of their dreams every day. The idea of building your own home is so appealing because you and customize to your wants and needs and not have to adapt an already built home to what you want. New construction is a great way to get the home you want. Not all builders are the same so be sure to research the builder you are using and make sure you trust them and work well with one another. Another thing to ensure your home is exactly the way you want is by having a home inspection completed on a new construction home.

New Construction Inspection

The New Construction Inspection Is For the Buyer Not The Builder

A new construction inspection is for the buyer, not the builder. A new construction inspection inspects the home to make sure it is safe and all systems and appliances work properly. It also inspects the structure of the home, doors, windows, exterior areas, the roof, electrical, plumbing and more. A new construction inspection provides the buyer with a written report of their finds so they can then determine if they should discuss any solutions with the builder.

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What About a Builders Review of the Property?

The builder will complete an inspection or review of the property for themselves. This is typically to ensure all work they needed to do in the home is completed. A lot of times the builder will go over there work to ensure they did everything according to the design plans but it is not uncommon for things to get missed. A new construction inspection helps protect the buyer to make sure the house they are purchasing is what they expected.

New Construction InspectionPhases In a New Construction Inspection 

Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections offers two different phases of a new construction inspection. The first is the pre-drywall inspection. This inspection review the home, prior to any sheetrock going up to allow the inspector to review the foundation, floor system, roof system; wall system, plumbing system, electrical system, HVAC, exterior wall covering, roof covering, electrical wiring, junction box placement and more! This phase allows the inspector to take an inside look of the home prior to things being covered by drywall.

The second new construction inspection offered by Ellingwood Pro Home inspections is a final inspection which is a typical residential home inspection. This inspection is typically completed when the home is built and the buyer is close to moving in. Both new construction inspections are important when building a home because they protect the buyer.

When building a new home make sure you protect your investment and have a new construction inspection completed. This will help you have peace of mind and extra reassurance that you truly are getting the house you want. Even new homes can have something wrong, don’t risk it, book a new construction inspection today and inspect before you buy! Visit Maximum Exposure Real Estate for more details on common issues found during the construction of new homes.


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