New Construction Inspection: 2 Phases and Their Importance

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As we journey through life, one of our most potent aspirations often revolves around designing and building the ideal home, a sanctuary precisely tailored to meet our unique needs and desires. The enticing prospect of a new construction is undoubtedly attractive, allowing the expression of personal style and the opportunity to dictate the finer details of your living space. However, amid the excitement of realizing your dream home, it’s crucial to remember one indispensable step – a new construction inspection.New construction of a home

At Ellinwood Pro Home Inspections, we understand that while a new build offers an unmissable opportunity to secure your dream home, it also carries a certain degree of risk. Hence, we provide a comprehensive new construction inspection service to mitigate these risks and protect your investment. We’d like to delve into why a new construction inspection is so essential and the role it plays in safeguarding your newly built home.

The Value of a New Construction Inspection

The cornerstone of your new construction process isn’t solely the design and building stages; it also includes an in-depth new construction inspection. Why, you might ask? It’s simple: a new construction inspection is your safety net. It’s the process that ensures your dream home is not only aesthetically pleasing but is structurally sound, fully operational, and safe for you and your family.

New construction of a homeA new construction inspection meticulously examines all aspects of your newly built home, from the structure itself, including the doors and windows, to the integral systems, such as electrical and plumbing, appliances, and even the exterior areas and roofing. At Ellinwood Pro Home Inspections, our objective is to leave no stone unturned, which is why our new construction inspection comes with a comprehensive written report detailing our findings. This transparency allows you to take informed decisions, discuss potential issues with your builder, and ultimately, ascertain that your investment aligns with your expectations.

Remember, the new construction inspection is for the buyer – for you – not the builder. It serves as your line of defense, ensuring that the house you’re purchasing is everything you’ve dreamt of and more.

The Builder’s Review: A Complementary, Not Replacement, Procedure

It’s common practice for builders to conduct their review of the property, often termed a ‘builder’s review.’ This inspection, performed by the builder, generally ensures that all necessary work within the home is complete and aligns with the design plans. While this process is beneficial, it’s important to note that it does not replace a new construction inspection.

Builders, despite their best intentions, can occasionally overlook certain elements. However, with a dedicated new construction inspection, any oversights can be detected and addressed, further bolstering your protection as a buyer. The new construction inspection’s purpose is to function as your advocate, serving your interests first and foremost.

Phases of New Construction Inspection at Ellinwood Pro Home Inspections

To ensure comprehensive coverage and ultimate peace of mind, our new construction inspection at Ellinwood Pro Home Inspections unfolds in two distinctive phases.

Phase One: Pre-Drywall Inspection

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The first phase, the pre-drywall inspection, transpires before the installation of any sheetrock. This strategic timing provides our inspectors with an unobstructed view of the home’s key components – the foundation, floor system, wall and roof systems, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, exterior wall covering, roof covering, electrical wiring, junction box placement, and more. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to examine the home’s bare bones before they’re concealed by drywall.

Phase Two: Final Inspection

Upon completion of your new home and nearing your move-in date, we conduct the second phase of our new construction inspection – the final inspection. Similar to a standard residential home inspection, this phase serves as the final checkpoint, ensuring everything is in order before you settle in.

Both phases of the new construction inspection are instrumental in safeguarding your interests and ensuring that the new construction process culminates in a home that’s everything you desired and more.

Consider an 11-Month Warranty Inspection: The Insurance You Need for Your New Home

While the two phases of a new construction inspection significantly contribute towards ensuring a high-quality, safe home, the protection of your investment doesn’t stop there. There’s another safeguard to consider – the 11-month warranty inspection.

Why should new homeowners schedule an 11-month warranty inspection? This inspection is your second line of defense, functioning as a safety net during the ‘breaking-in’ phase of your new home. In the initial months of occupancy, various systems of your new home begin their lifecycle. As these systems start operating, minor issues may reveal themselves, which might not have been noticeable during the initial new construction inspections.

The 11-month warranty inspection is designed to catch such latent defects. It serves as a detailed reassessment of your home’s various components. This is particularly beneficial as most builders offer a one-year warranty for new builds, meaning any defects found within this period can be repaired at the builder’s expense.

This inspection, as the name suggests, should be performed around the 11th month of your stay, just before your builder’s warranty is about to expire. With this, any identified issues can be addressed within the warranty period, ensuring that you don’t have to bear additional costs for repairs that should be covered by your builder.

Opting for an 11-month warranty inspection is a smart choice, providing an extra layer of security and potentially saving you from costly repairs in the future. At Ellinwood Pro Home Inspections, we offer thorough 11-month warranty inspections conducted by our experienced inspectors to ensure that you continue living safely and happily in your dream home.

Secure Your Investment with a New Construction Inspection

As you journey from the initial stages of home building to living within its walls, it’s clear that protecting your investment goes beyond just the construction phase. The 11-month warranty inspection is another crucial step in this journey. Nevertheless, it all begins with a thorough new construction inspection.

New construction of a homeBuilding a new home is undoubtedly a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. Hence, protecting this investment should be a top priority. A new construction inspection is your shield, ensuring that you get the value you deserve and the reassurance that your new home is built to last.

It’s worth remembering that even newly constructed homes can harbor potential issues. Therefore, entrust your peace of mind to our new construction inspection. This service provides you with the reassurance that you’re getting the house you’ve envisaged, free from unforeseen complications.

Don’t gamble with your dream home; instead, ensure it’s in line with your vision by booking a new construction inspection today. Remember, it’s always wiser to inspect before you buy! For more details on common issues that can arise during the construction of new homes, do not hesitate to visit Maximum Exposure Real Estate.

By understanding the importance of a new construction inspection and incorporating it into your home-building process, you can enjoy the confidence that your new build will truly become the safe, secure, and welcoming home you’ve always dreamt of.


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