The Importance Of Professional Photography When Selling Your Home


Are you in the process of selling your home? Have you found the perfect real estate agent? Are they using a professional for the photography of your home? If so, that is so exciting! If not, keep reading to learn why professional photography is very important for listing photos and to help sell your home.

Step 1: Find The Best Real Estate Agent for Your Needs

The first step in the selling process is finding the best real estate agent for you. Make sure you do your research to determine a real estate agent that will work best with your needs and your home. Ask friends for referrals, do research online and you can even call a couple real estate agents to interview them to see if they suit your needs. Selling your home is a big deal and a huge business transaction so make sure you find a real estate agent you can trust with this huge responsibility. real estate photography

Step 2: Ask Your Real Estate Agent What You Need to Do To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

A great real estate agent will go through your home making suggestions on what changes you can make to get the property in top shape to sell. Sometimes it may require painting over an accent wall, decluttering some personal items and even replacing the carpets. The amount of repairs or work that needs to be done to a home prior to listing can vary based on the shape it is in and how it has been maintained throughout the years.

Step 3: Get Ready For Photography

After the home has been evaluated and any changes have been made for the best listing possible the next step is photography of the home. Photos are the first thing a buyer sees online prior to viewing the property in person. Photography of the home is very important and can set you apart from other listings.

When it comes time to have photos taken of your home make sure you remove personal photos, remove clutter from any areas and pack them away for moving and make sure the house is clean. Another important thing to do in preparation for photos is making all the beds, removing dirty laundry hampers, closing all closet doors and shutting all toilet lids. These small changes can help show your home in the best light when the photographer is taking pictures.

real estate photographyStep 4: Have Professional Photography Completed

Many people think all real estate photography is the same and unfortunately that is not the case. Not just anyone can take great photos. The importance of hiring a professional photographer can be the difference on the first impression someone has on the property you have for sale. Professional photography can help you sell your home faster and sometimes for even more money because it helps give buyers that “wow” effect when first viewing your property. Many times the real estate agent will pay for the professional photography to help showcase the home in the best way possible.

Ellingwood Pro Offers Photography Packages

Ellingwood Pro offers several different photography packages for real estate photos. These packages also have some added bonuses. Aerial photography, is part of the basic package and it is huge for real estate photos. It shows the property at a different angle and allows you to view the property from up above. The premium package includes a 3D home tour. This can make a huge difference in listing photos because it allows the buyer to truly envision themselves in the home. Each photography package also includes an inspection credit that can be used when you purchase your next home and need a home inspection.

Professional photos of your home can help give a listing a boost and show it in the best light for potential buyers. Make sure when you are researching real estate agents in the area, you discuss professional photography with them and the added benefits it can have when selling your home.


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