7 Most Popular Home Inspection Fails

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The home inspection is a huge part in the house-hunting process and many times the fails listed on a report can make or break the sale of a home. During a home inspection a certified home inspector will come to the home and review the property for any issues. A home inspector will list any issues they see in the home on the report no matter how large or small. They will be sure to check that the house is structurally sound and of course safe.

During home inspections, many items are listed on the report and several things can be listed to fail an inspection. A lot of major issues listed on a home inspection are typically caused by deferred maintenance or a small problem that turned into a large one.

7 Most Popular Home Inspection Fails


Fail #1 – Problems With The Foundation

One of the most popular issues that arises during a home inspection is problems with the foundation. Home inspectors will review the foundation for cracks as well as water wicking and other issues with the foundation. A cracked foundation could lead to other issues in the home such as framing issues, leaks, roofing issues and even issues with windows or doors not closing properly. Visit Inspector Pro for more details on foundation damage.

Fail #2 – Issues with Plumbing and Pipes

Another pesky problem that seems to arise during the home inspection process is issues with pipes or plumbing within the home. A leaky faucet or slow drain will be noted on an inspection report. Plumbing can be a huge repair because of outdated plumbing or even because of a small leak because of water damage but it can also lead to mold or other issues.


Fail #3 – Leaks

Another issue that seems to be a common cause of failed home inspections are leaks. To find leaks the home inspector will review the house for any areas of water damage and then try to review if it’s caused by leaky pipes, a leaky roof, leak in the foundation etc. A certified home inspector will generally view the area of the leak carefully and then decide if further testing may be needed for other damage such as mold.

Fail #4 – Mold

Mold is a huge issue that arises during a home inspection. Typically if a home inspector finds a leak or water damage in the home they will review for mold and recommend additional testing to confirm if it is mold or not. Not all mold is clearly visible or as obvious as black mold. Some mold isn’t always in plain view and can many times be hidden. Mold is a very serious concern in a home and should not be overlooked. Mold can cause very serious health issues like headaches, skin issues or even breathing problems. If an inspector suspects mold their concerns should be taken very seriously.


Fail #5 – Roof 

The roof is a huge part of the home and it is definitely not an area that home inspectors overlook. Roofing issues are a major issue that can fail a home inspection. A roof is reviewed for water damage and leaks but the roofing materials are also evaluated as well. A roof is a very expensive cost when looking at home repairs and definitely be a cause to re-negotiate a contract or even cause some buyers to walk away from the house.

Fail #6 – HVAC Issues

The HVAC system is a very expensive component in the house. If there are issues with an HVAC System it can definitely cause a failed home inspection. Issues with the HVAC System such as improper installations, inadequate maintenance, and older components can all contribute to issues listed on a home inspection report.


Fail #7 – Electrical Problems

Finally one of the last areas that are a major concern on a home inspection report and a huge contributor to a failed inspection is electrical issues. If an inspector finds wiring that seems to be done by the homeowner, many mismatched wires or a huge amount of extension cords throughout the home they will definitely be listed on the report.

Electrical issues can be considered a huge safety issue and they should be noted in the report as well. Many inspectors will find ungrounded receptacles that can lead to a house fire. Another common issue found with this home fail is non-grounded GFI’s in a home that can be a bigger electrical problem overall. Electrical issues are no joke and will require a professional to fix them.

Many homes have areas that need improvement but a home inspection does a great job at highlighting the areas of the home that are unsafe or are even in need of major repairs. A failed home inspection may lead to a re-negotiation or potentially for a buyer to choose to walk away from the home. A home inspector is only doing their job when detailing every area of the home that has failed and needs improvement and in the end, they may be pointing out a potentially dangerous hazard that may or may not have been caught without the inspection.

Ellingwood Pro hopes this helps you have a better understanding of these home inspection fails.

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