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Stay on Budget

Are you a homeowner who:

  • Has a home improvement project that you are dreading to start because you have a hard time putting trust in contractors?
  • Fears that the contractors’ work will not be up to industry standards?
  • Fears that the contractor will not complete the job and walk off with your money?
  • Worries that the contractor will get started and run into a problem and try to sell you a service or product you do not need?

Or are you a contractor that:

  • Fears that the homeowner is not going to pay you according to the contract?

If any of the above describes you then you need to hire Ellingwood Pro for our Remodel Inspection services.

We, at Ellingwood Pro, offer Remodel Inspection services in Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan County WV. Ellingwood Pro provides you unmatched experience covering all aspects of your home improvement projects. We are here to help private homeowners, real estate investors, insurers, construction companies, lenders, and others needing a responsible third party to make sure the job gets done correctly and all parts of the contract are satisfied.
Ellingwood Pro Home Inspectors are experts in the field of construction, and residential inspections and help with risk mitigation. Our goal is to protect both the homeowners and contractors’ interests. Homeowners should expect a great finish product and contractors should expect great reviews and repeat business!
So how does it work?

  • Client Contacts Ellingwood Pro Home Inspectors to setup the Remodel Inspection services
  • Homeowner and Contractor agree to a contract
  • Ellingwood Pro collects the agreed upon contract price or portion of from the homeowner and holds the funds in a noninterest-bearing account
  • Contractor contacts Ellingwood Pro at the completion of each phase of work to be inspected as outlined in the contract
  • Ellingwood Pro inspects each phase of work as outlined in the contract and releases funds/draws once work is satisfactory.
  • Once all work is reported complete Ellingwood Pro inspects the final product and ensures the contract has been satisfied as agreed.
  • Ellingwood Pro collects the homeowner signature when the job is complete
  • Ellingwood Pro then releases funds to the contractor.
Stay on Budget
Stay on Budget

Our Remodel Inspection service helps with delivering the homeowners project on time, within budget, and without having to worry about incomplete, unsatisfactory work, or if your paid contractor might not come back. Contact us today if you’re a homeowner that needs consultation or a contractor that would like to get on our list of Trusted Businesses.

Ellingwood Pro is a home inspection service that offers Remodel Inspection services of all home improvement projects-regardless of size. So, if you are looking for the best Remodel Inspection services, then you are in the right place. We are the best Remodel Inspection service, providers.

Our experience in both residential building and inspections ensure a job done right. Our personnel is trained, certified, and experienced to notice what an untrained eye does not find. Our certified home inspectors will provide value-added services for your projects through their experience and knowledge in the construction and inspection industry.

We know home improvement projects can be stressful that’s why Ellingwood Pro will always perform Remodel Inspections with great integrity and diligence. Do not make the mistake of not hiring a third party to protect your interest. Contact us today!


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