Should You Get A Rental Inspection?  Yes Definitely and the 3 Reasons Why!

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Should You Get a Rental Inspection? Yes, you should! When you are looking at houses to rent or buy, one thing that crosses everyone’s mind is whether or not the property is safe! Typically, when renting a property, the landlord will go through the home with you and document any areas of concern, like a mark on the wall or a crack in the ceiling.

Typically, a landlord will not have a home inspector come in and do a thorough inspection of the space to ensure it is safe or points out areas of concern. As a renter, this is something you should consider having done with renting a space. Why take a landlord’s word when you can hire a home inspector to ensure the home is safe for you and your loved ones?

Reasons to Hire an Inspector for Your Rental Inspection

Rental Inspection Ensures Safety

Rental Inspection white wooden framed glass windowHaving a rental inspection completed by a certified home inspector doesn’t mean that you do not trust your new landlord it just helps you protect yourself and ensure the home you are getting ready to move into is safe. No one wants to move all their furniture into a new space only to find out the roof is damaged during the first rainstorm.  

Rental Inspection

When you rent a space, you provide the landlord with a security deposit. A thorough rental inspection by a certified home inspector will help you protect your security deposit. The inspector will do a detailed inspection of the space and document all of the findings on their inspection report. This will help protect your security deposit because you have documentation of what was wrong with the property at the time you moved in so you will not have to surrender your security deposit for an issue that was there when moving in.  

A certified home inspector will do a thorough inspection of the property and review their findings in a report. This can be very helpful to not only have when moving out of a space but to also determine the property is safe for you to move into.

For example, if you have a certified home inspector come and do a home inspection on the rental property and they find black mold or that the foundation is unstable, you can then bring this to the landlord. At that time the landlord can hopefully fix the issue or if they chose not to, you can walk away from renting the property.

This helps you ensure the property you are renting is safe but it also provides you with a neutral third party completing the inspection so you have an overview of the safety and structure of the space you are renting.

A Rental Inspection Protects Your Security Deposit 

Rental Inspection

A rental inspection is definitely beneficial as a new renter not only to protect your security deposit when moving in and out of the property but also to ensure you are getting what you are paying for as well. You do not want to pay rent on a property that is unsafe or unsecure.

Rental Inspection Help Hold The Landlord Accountable

A rental inspection helps hold the landlord accountable for any safety concerns but can also help convince them to complete any areas of maintenance that was overlooked and can lead to larger issues later on. When hiring a home inspector for a rental inspection consider Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections as your trusted home inspector!

If you have questions regarding Ellingwood Pro’s Rental Inspection or other services, feel free to give us a call at 276-566-5669. Curious about how much it would cost for one of our rental inspections? Check out our free estimate tool on our website or by clicking here to generate a free quote instantly.


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