7 Home Safety Tips In All Areas of the Home

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A home should be your safe space where you can relax and enjoy time with loved ones. The last thing you want to worry about in your home is hazards and dangers. It is a great idea to check over your house to ensure you can truly relax and don’t have any potential dangers putting you and your loved ones at risk. We have compiled a list of safety tips for hazards found in all areas of the home.

Bathroom Safety Tip


One area of the home that can be a major safety hazard is the bathroom. A big hazard in bathrooms is wet floors. After a bath or shower make sure to dry any water off the floor to prevent slipping and falling. Bath mats are not only a pretty décor item but they also provide added safety to ensure you have a dry place to step out of the bath or shower.

If you have people in your home that have a higher risk of falling or need added support, it is a good idea to add support bars in showers or other areas of the bathroom. Another area of concern in the bathroom is medications. Be sure to store medications and keep out of reach of children. Make sure you keep them out of reach as they can be hazardous to children. Also, make sure you dispose of them correctly as well.

Kitchen Safety Tip

Kitchen Safety

Another area of the home with large safety hazards is the kitchen. Be sure to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in all areas of the home. Make sure you secure under the kitchen sink or where you keep your cleaning products and childproof it from children. Make sure to keep hazardous cleaning products out of reach.

Another tip is to unplug unused appliances to save on energy but also to help prevent electrical fires. The stove can be very dangerous in the kitchen as well. Try to use back burners if possible, to prevent people from accidentally touching hot burners. Another tip is to add stove knob cover to protect from kids turning on the stove

Stairs Safety Tip

Steps are typically not an area of the house that you think of having huge dangers but the steps themselves can be very dangerous. Install gates at top and bottom of stairs with kids in the house to prevent them from falling. Make sure all steps are secure and not falling apart. You also want to look at all steps outside the home as well. Make sure they are free from debris and ice during the winter months, take care of them and ensure they are cleared properly.

Other Areas Safety Tips

One fire hazard in a house is candles. Do not leave them unmonitored and be sure to extinguish them before leaving the house to prevent a fire. Another hazard is cords. Put away cords to avoid tripping hazards and make sure blind cords are tied up to prevent strangulation.

Garage Safety Tip

Garage Safety

A garage can have many hidden hazards. Make sure to keep all chemicals out of reach of children. Be sure to read the labels on all chemicals and store them in the correct containers and keep them out of light if needed. Put away all power tools when not in use. Make sure you never leave tools lying around and stay alert when using tools. You will also want to make sure you never rush while using the weed wacker or lawnmower to stay safe.

Laundry Room Safety Tip

Keep detergent away from children. Detergent pods can be viewed as a colorful candy-like treat in the eyes of children so be sure to keep them up and out of reach.

Laundry Room Safety

Home Security Safety Tip


A home security system is an added layer of protection to assist you with keeping your house safe. Do your research to best decide what type of security system is best for you and your needs for added safety for your home.

A home can have many potential hazards so it is best to look through your home and do your best to protect your loved ones with a few simple changes. Childproofing a home can be a very easy step when protecting children from potential hazards. For example, an extra bath mat in a bathroom can help with slippery surfaces and prevent falls. Look around your home to see if you can find any dangers and adjust what you can to keep your house safe!


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