Did You Say You Are Selling Your Home? 2 Great Tips to Make Selling your Home Easier

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Life happens, things change and there comes a time when you have so consider selling your home. You purchased your dream home years ago and time has marched on. There may come a day when you are offered a career move you cannot turn down. Or, the children are grown and you find yourself as an ‘empty nester’ in a big, beautiful old Victorian home only to realize you want less yard to manicure and less maintenance. It’s time to sell! So, what are the next steps to put a plan into action when selling  your home?

Selling your home

Selling Your Home, Means Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

Obviously, you will need to find a realtor you trust and who will work to competitively price your home to sell. Aside from the realtor doing a market analysis of your home to determine the fair market value, you have a big role in preparing the home to sell. Keep in mind, many buyers may not chose to have a home inspection contingency (sale subject to a home inspection), but may request an inspection for their own understanding of any deficiencies or problems which could be problematic after the sale. A home inspector could be a real asset to you when selling your home.

As a seller, not only do you need to focus on curb appeal; decluttering and have your home clean, clean, clean; youblue plastic pitcher on white shelf need to address what is called ‘deferred maintenance’. The old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, may have worked for you, the seller, for years but now it could pose a problem as you go to sell.

Even if you are in a seller’s market, the difference in buying a home with no repairs necessary can make a huge difference in what a buyer may be willing to offer. Reaching out to a home inspector for an inspection can make the difference in a full price offer or the perspective buyer moving on without making an offer. Having an inspection initially, before listing, can help you bring out the best in your home.

Selling Your Home Means, Decluttering and Making Repairs

In addition to having addressed any necessary repairs, decluttering your home, etc. and giving it a fresh coat of paint, don’t overlook your personal taste in furnishing. Remember the old recliner which belonged to your beloved grandmother? It may hold many beautiful memories with its thread worn tapestry but as a focal point in the living room it’s a no go!

If your realtor recommends a professional stager to ‘dress your home for sale’, don’t be offended. This can be a great asset when selling your home. Pretend your home is an artist’s canvas awaiting the stager to bring out the best. The beauty of human nature is the fact we each see things differently. Rely on the professionals who will help buyer’s see themselves living in your home. The sale of your home will be less stressful and you reap the reward of your long term investment in real estate.

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It takes a village so to speak to begin selling you home, as well as, make your sale successful. Reach out to the professionals to help you sell your home. Remember not only is the realtor there to help but a home inspector and a stager can make all the difference in a successful sale!


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