5 Unfortunate Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet

white ceramic toilet bowl beside white ceramic toilet bowl

A home requires constant maintenance. Over time things begin to break and need to be replaced. When something is used every day in a house it is normal for it to have wear and tear and require maintenance or to be replaced. Something that you might not have considered replacing is a toilet, but sometimes they need to be replaced too. Here are several signs it is time to replace your toilet.

Replace Toilet

Age of the Toilet

If your toilet is over 25 years old it might be worth considering having a new toilet installed. In more recent years there have been more regulations about toilets making them use less water and becoming more efficient. If your toilet is getting up there in age it might just be worth replacing the entire toilet to ensure it is working properly and efficiently.

Crack in the Toilet

If you notice a crack in the toilet, it is definitely time for a new one. The last thing you want is your toilet water leaking all over your bathroom floor and even worse, depending on the location of the crack, you do not want anything that belongs in the toilet leaking anywhere at all. Even if the back of the tank is cracked it is worth considering having the entire toilet replaced.

Leaky Toilet

If you inspected your toilet for cracks but still notice water all over the floor, your toilet could be leaking. This may mean it is time to have a new one installed. Another sign of a leaky toilet is damaged sub flooring and flooring in the bathroom. If you notice this damage, it may be a sign that it has been leaking for a while. You can also visit Lowe’s to get more information on how you could fix some common toilet issues or contact a plumber.

Replace Toilet

Your Toilet Keeps Running

A toilet that is constantly running could mean that you need to replace the flush valve flapper. If you feel comfortable trying to replace the valve yourself, visit The Spruce for steps on how to do so. If you have already done this but still notice the toilet is leaking then it may mean something else is wrong. This might mean it is time for a new toilet.

Your Toilet is No Longer Flushing or Keeps Getting Clogged

Occasional clogs are normal in toilets but if you notice they are becoming more frequent and there is no real cause for them, then it may be time to call up a plumber and consider getting your toilet replaced. If your toilet is no longer flushing that could also mean it is time to call the plumber to ensure there is not something else happening with the plumbing.white toilet paper roll on white toilet bowl

If you are nervous something could be wrong with your toilet it might be time to call a plumber. Some issues with a toilet may just be replacing a handle or the flush valve flapper but if those do not fix the problem then it might be time to consider getting a new one. Toilets can definitely last a long time, sometimes up to 50 years but make sure you are doing everything you can to maintain them to make them last longer.

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