Summer Home Renovation Projects  

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It is officially summer! You may be thinking about all the fun things you will be getting into this summer and where you want to travel as well. Summer is a time to have fun, play with the kids, put your toes in the sand and take a dip in the pool. Don’t forget to make time this summer to complete a couple of house projects too.  

I have compiled a list of 10 projects that may be best to complete in the summer because of the warmer weather. Check them out and let us know your thoughts! What project are you going to tackle first?  

Give the Exterior of Your Home a Makeover 


Take a good look at the exterior of your home. Look at all the areas that you can improve on. Does the landscaping need cut back? Do you need to add more mulch to the flower beds? Does the house need a fresh coat of paint? Make sure you review all the areas outside of your home and determine what work needs to be done. You may even want to consider re-siding the house or even buying new plants for the outside too.  

Pressure Wash  

This task is a project in itself, that’s why it gets its own section! Take the time over the summer to clean the exterior of your home and pressure wash anything that needs it. Look at the siding, if you are not replacing it consider pressure washing it. You can also pressure wash your brick pavers, side wallk, driveway and even your fence. The winter causes a lot of things to pile up and sit on the exterior surfaces of your house so pressure washing allows you to give a good deep cleaning.  

brown brick house with white wooden doorTake a Look at Your Front Door 


The front door is the first thing many people see when visiting your home. If your front door is faded it may be time to give it a fresh coat of paint. If the molding around the door is crumbling be sure to replace it and if your door has seen better days it might be best to install a new one. 

Upgrade Windows 

The warmer months are the best time to replace your windows. You do not want to be in the middle of the winter replacing a window because of the freezing temperatures. Be sure to look around your home and see if any windows need to replaces and get to work before the temperatures get cold again. Replacing your windows can also help with energy costs during the winter as well.  

Install or Repair Your Air Conditioning System 

The warmer months are the time you use the air conditioner. Take time to determine if you need to have maintenance done to your air conditioner or if you want to have one installed in your home. Be sure to do your research and decide what HVAC company you prefer to work with prior to the extremely hot summer days.  

Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?  

The winter months cause lots of damage to your roof. If you notice something wrong with your roof or are just concerned that it is getting old it might be best to call a professional to determine if you need to have your roof replaced. The warmer months are the best time to have a roof replaced because you wont have to worry about fighting with the cold and harsh winter elements.   

Revive Your Deck or Build One 

Summertime is the time for barbeques and fun outdoor gatherings. A deck is a great place to entertain and have people enjoy. Take a look at your deck and determine if a few boards need to be replaced and if the deck needs to be re-stained or repainted. You may also want to ensure the railings are secure or decide if you need to tear it down and build a new one. If you are considering building a deck for your home the summertime is the perfect time to do it so you can enjoy the sunshine while you complete it. 

Take a Look at Your Fence  

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Make sure you look at your fence and gates this summer. The winter snow and spring rain storms can cause damage to your fence and gates around your yard. Be sure to review if any areas need to be fixed or replaced from damage.  Take note of if your fence needs re-stained, re-sealed or re-painted as well. 

Add a Patio  

If you are thinking of adding a patio to your space, now is the best time to do so. The ground should be fairly dry and no longer frozen. This allows you to have a great area to work with when building your patio. Lay out the design, the materials needed and come up with a timeline to start this project over the summer.  

Clean Your Garage  

No one wants to clean their garage with gloves on their hands, while wearing a big bulky coat. The summer is the best time of year to clean and organize your garage. You may also want to determine if you want to paint the garage as well. The garage gets a lot of use but does not always get the love it deserves when it comes to cleaning. Take time this summer to clean and organize your garage to keep up with the mess and get rid of clutter.  

The summer is a great time to get to work on some of the exterior house projects while still enjoying the beautiful weather. Make sure you plan out your summer vacation and your summer projects so you do not go over budget and have time to enjoy your hard work too.  


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