The Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Home Inspection Company

Finding a home you like is one thing, and buying the right home for you is another. To avoid surprises when you finally move in with your loved ones, it’s best to hire a good inspection company.

Buying a home is not cheap, so it’s crucial to check that everything is working correctly before paying. And a home inspector’s job is to ensure that you don’t have to pay extra bills from structural and mechanical defects. Here are some tips for choosing a good home inspection company.

Please Pay Attention to Their Reputation

Reputation is everything when choosing to work with a company. You won’t want to hire someone who has had a track record of producing subpar work. When working with a company, make sure to request that they send a creditable inspector to inspect the house.

Check their Experience Level

It would be best to find out how long the inspector or inspection company has been in business. You won’t want to work with someone who just started 2 months ago. The rule of thumb is to hire an inspection company that works with at least 300 clients yearly. This is a great signifier of their level of experience. You should understand that the more experienced the inspector is, the better they can serve you.

Professional Certifications

Several professional bodies offer inspectors certificates. These certificates show that the inspection company has passed the necessary steps to show their depth of knowledge. Some of the famous home inspection professional certifications include; NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors), ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), AARST (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists), etc.

Cost of Inspection

Are you trying to hire the most qualified, or you want someone who will do the job for cheap? You should consider your budget, though, because that’s a significant indicator of where you’ll lean towards in terms of choosing a home inspection company.

A rule of thumb is to ask for the inspection company’s estimates, then compare it with other companies. Doing this will give you a solid idea of what to expect.

Get Reports

Your home inspector should provide you with reports of the defected areas of the home you’re about to purchase. These reports should include a clear picture of the house and all the places that needed a touch-up. Also, some maintenance and major repair items. Having this in mind will help you decide if you want to move on with purchasing the house.

Choose Ellingwoodpro for Your Inspection Needs

At Ellingwoodpro, we serve all of Jefferson and Berkeley county. We offer residential home inspections revolving around your home’s exteriors, interiors, systems, and appliances.

For your rental properties, we handle move-in and move-out inspections. We provide written reports to show your property’s condition before and after a tenant moves in.

Our third party documentation ensures a fair, unbiased assessment of the residential property’s current condition and safety.

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