5 Realistic Tips for a First Time Home Seller


Selling homes can be a tricky business in general, but being a first time home seller can be even trickier. With that being said, it’s always good to have some handy tips under your belt. To make your job a little easier as a home seller, whether it is your first time or not, here are five tips to consider for a first time home seller.

1. Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: 

A home buyer will often ask for time to order a thorough home inspection after an offer is made. Ordering a pre-listing home inspection saves the buyer, and you, time. You can offer your buyers a full home inspection report and avoid any repair costs during the negotiation process.

Additionally, serious clients will be more attracted to a home that’s already been inspected, making your deal a first choice for many buyers. The more you know about a home the more questions you can answer, a well informed seller is what a buyer wants, so don’t hesitate to learn all you can about the home you’re selling. All in all, a pre-listing home inspection saves time, money, and shows that you are a reliable seller.

first time home seller

2. Fix the Minor Bugs

Most houses will have a few flaws here and there and it’s difficult to find a home with zero defects. Fixing some of the minor problems in a house saves stress for a potential home buyer and doesn’t cost too much money on your end. You want your house to be as appealing as possible, therefore spending a little money on improving the home is, overall, a wise investment. Buyers will look for a home with the least amount of problems, catering to this expectation is a good strategy.

first time home seller

3. Keep the Home in Tip Top Shape:

Before you get ready to show off your home to a potential buyer, make sure that everything is presentable. A first impression is the only impression and you wouldn’t want your home to seem out of order. Clients want to see something clean, something that they can make their own and a dirty house is never inviting. Uninviting items also include any personal items still in the home, depersonalizing the house promotes the idea that it can become a home for your clients.

first time home seller

4. Focus on the Kitchen: 

Most clients are very focused on the kitchen when they enter a potential home. A nice kitchen is, typically, the main thing on their mind. Tidying up the kitchen and adding appealing decorations will make a good impression with a client. Broken appliances should be fixed and outdated decorations should be updated in order to ensure the room has maximum charm.

first time home seller

5. Market Everywhere

Have a home you want to sell? Great, now you just have to tell everyone and one advantage we all have is the internet. Utilizing the effects of great photography coupled with the far reach of the internet, you can make your home stand out. Social media is a great tool since most people are on it all the time, posting on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram will boost your views significantly. Adapting to the modern market will give you a huge advantage and will save you time.

Whether your a first time home seller or not, the next time you’re selling a home you’ll have several tips to consider, so remember to order a pre-list inspection, fix your home’s faults, tidy up, fix the kitchen, and market everywhere you can, especially the internet.

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