6 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

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If you feel your home is becoming a bit crowded or loaded with lots of stuff you no longer need it might be time for a garage sale. A garage sale can take your summer organizing and cleaning and turn your stuff into cash. These tips below will help you have a successful garage sale resulting in hopefully more money.

Select a Date

The first thing you will want to do is choose a date for your sale. Be sure to choose a date that you do not have anything going on and can devote several hours to sitting outside watching your sale. Weekends are best for garage sales so be sure to plan in advance and if you can devote 2 days to a garage sale over the span of the weekend you may have the best luck.

Ask For Help

Sometimes garage sales work best when you have more than one person at the sale at all times. This allows for multiple people to answer questions and handle customers, preventing someone from walking away. It also means someone can take a break for the bathroom or to eat and you do not have to worry about your valuable items being left unattended.

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Get The Word Out

Now that you have selected the date for your sale, be sure to get the word out about it. Now is the time to start posting the sale online with garage sale sites and social media sites. It’s important to get the date of your sale out a week or 2 in advance so people can plan to attend. You may want to include some of your most valuable items in the listings as well to help drive people to your sale.

On the morning of your sale make sure you make signs that are large and clearly state the date, time, and address of the sale. The more signs the better. I recommend putting the sale details on bright colored paper and displaying several all around your location to drive local traffic from all directions.

Start Going Through Your Items in Advance

Take the weeks leading up to your garage sale to ensure you go through all the areas of your home for items you wish to get rid of. When compiling all of your garage sale items make sure they still work, are clean, and have all the parts for them to work.

Garage Sale

Price Accordingly

You will not get the price you paid for your items at a garage sale. Make sure you do not overprice your items as that may deter customers. Be sure to price fairly. Make sure you price your items prior to the day of the sale. People do not want to ask for a price on something so make sure things are clearly priced. A great tip is instead of pricing every single item is to make a price for an entire table. For example, you can set up a box with pillows and then put a sign on it saying all pillows are $5.00 each. Visit Angi for more tips for pricing your items.

Set Up The Night Before

A great tip is to set up your tables and displays the night before your sale. You can turn boxes or baskets upside down and use them to display items as well. Be sure to make sure everything is priced and displayed neatly.


Gather Your Supplies

You can make your garage sale as elaborate as you want or as simple as possible. All you really need is a couple of tables, sticker tags, a pen, paper, and a few signs. You will also need some cash for change as people pay you for items. If you wish to be more elaborate you can add balloons at the end of your driveway and even have color-coded shirts for you and anyone helping.

Conclusion for Garage Sale Tips

Setting up a garage sale is a very simple thing you can do right at home and it helps you remove clutter from your space. A garage sale can help you make a little extra cash as well. If you have items remaining from your garage sale the best thing to do is donate it. You were already willing to part with these items originally so donate the items to get them out of your home entirely.

Ellingwood Pro hopes these tips help make your next garage sale easier!


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