Top 8 Popular Features That Help To Sell a Home

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When you are listing a home, you may be thinking what can I do to attract buyers and get buyers fast? There are several items or features that help you sell a home and appeal the most to buyers. From kitchens to bathrooms, to neutral colors and plenty of space, many other features play a role when selling your home.  Here is a list of the top-selling features of a home that can put you above the competition. 

First Impressions Count 

The first impression is the first feature to talk about. A first impression is a lasting impression, the same goes for your home. When listing your home for sale, ensure the outside of your home gives off a great first impression. Be sure to take a look at your front door and give it a coat of paint if needed.

Pay close attention to the molding around your doors and windows to make sure they do not need to be replaced or painted. Make sure the yard is mowed, all trash is cleaned up and your gardens are free from overgrown weeds. These small changes in this feature can give potential buyers a great first impression when walking up to tour your home.  

The Kitchen Home Feature - Kitchen and Dining Area

When thinking about home features, everyone thinks about the kitchen. Kitchens are a feature that helps to sell homes. The kitchen is the main space in the home where people cook and gather. Having a beautiful kitchen is a major selling point when listing a home for sale.

Be sure to declutter the kitchen and remove any small appliances from the counters to really showcase the available space. If you have bulky furniture in the kitchen try to remove it to highlight how large the space. If you have the time and money to update your kitchen prior to selling this can make a huge difference.  



Another feature that everyone thinks about is the bathroom. Bathrooms are a feature that definitely helps to sell homes. Having a clean bathroom can make a huge difference when listing your home. No one wants to tour a dirty space. If you have the budget to upgrade the bathroom be sure to do it prior to listing. This can make a big difference when selling the house.

A downstairs bathroom in a two-story home is a major selling point as well. Take the time to remove any obnoxious décor and decorate the bathroom with neutral colors. Declutter the space and remove any unnecessary items to highlight the space on the vanity.  


Home Feature - white wooden coffee table near white sofa

A large feature people look at when buying a home is the location. They pay attention to the school district the home is located in as well as how close it is to stores or the interstate. Of course, if you already own a home, you cannot change your location of the property when selling but be sure to pay attention to the location when buying for potential resale value reasons as well.  

Neutral Colors  

Neutral paint colors can be a feature that makes a big difference when listing your home. If you have a bright red wall or neon wallpaper, it might be a great idea to replace it with a nice neutral paint color to appeal to buyers. Calming neutral colors can help a person envision themselves in the space and look past paint colors to feel more at home.  This simple feature can make a huge difference for your home.

Large Master Bedroom  

A large master bedroom is already a feature everyone loves. However, a large master bedroom with a huge walk-in closet is another important feature and a great selling point for a home. Buyers want space and they would love a space that fits the furniture they already have. A huge walk-in closet is a space anyone would love so they can store their clothes and not feel like their space is cluttered.  


Basements are a great selling feature in a house. They are a home feature that provides additional space for a TV room, Playroom, game room and sometimes even an additional bedroom. A basement can be a great bonus for a home because they add extra room to a home. Sometimes an unfinished basement can be a selling feature too because it allows buyers to do what they wish with the space, the added potential is a great feature that adds to the benefits of the home!  

The Feeling of The Home 

Home Features - White Couch on Wooden Floor

Another feature is the overall feeling of a house is a huge selling point. For example, if a home is crowded and dirty buyers will not want to stick around for too long. A house that is decluttered, clean and welcoming is a big selling feature. The more comfortable a buyer is in a home the easier it is for them to envision living there. Keep this feature in mind when listing your home.  

These 8 home features can benefit you when listing your home. Pay attention to these features as you renovate your home and prepare to sell it in the future.  Ellingwood Pro hopes these home features help when selling your home.


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