8 Types of Home Inspections- Which are the Correct Ones That I Should Schedule?  

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There are many types of home inspections available and all these options can definitely get a bit overwhelming when you don’t know what you need. Whether you are building a new house, renting a home or buying a home, home inspections are very important. Visit Investopedia for more information about why home inspections are so important. Below I have broken down the different types of home inspections and what they each entail to help make it easier when you schedule your inspection. 

Types Of Home Inspections

Residential Home Inspection

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This is the most popular type of home inspection scheduled. A residential home inspection is typically completed when buying a home. A residential inspection includes an exterior inspection, interior inspection, and a review of all systems and appliances.  A residential inspection includes a written report that documents all of the inspector’s findings. During a residential inspection, the inspector will inspect the roof, downspout, gutters, windows, walkways, driveway, basement, foundation, insulation, attic, walls, doors, floors, appliances, HVAC system, electrical systems, water supplies, toilets sinks, and much much more!  

Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection

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A Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection (aka Termite inspection) is a review of the home’s interior and exterior for termites and all wood destroying organisms. This inspection will include a detailed Termites and Wood Destroying Organisms inspection report, known as the NPMA-33 documenting the findings. The attic, crawlspace, basement, garage and foundation are all looked at very closely during the termite inspection. This type of home inspection is an add on service that is highly recommended, especially if you see any signs of termite damage or wood rotting.  

Radon Inspection

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that emits from the ground and can build up in your home. High levels of radon can increase your risk of lung cancer. A radon inspection is an add on service to a residential home inspection and it is highly recommended for all homes.  

Air Quality (Mold & Allergens) Inspection

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An Air Quality (Mold & Allergens) inspection is a type of home inspection in which samples are collected from the home and sent off to the lab to be tested for mold and other allergens. A musty odor is definitely a sign to schedule a mold inspection, as that smell most likely indicates mold is present. Other things to look for are signs of possible water damage inside and outside the home. Examples include rot around doors or windows, a leaky roof, a flooded basement, watermarks, wet drywall, or any signs of moisture present. A airy quality (mold & allergens) inspection can be booked by itself or as an add on service with additional inspection services.  

New Construction Inspection

A New Construction inspection is for exactly that, new houses. This type of home inspection is typically completed in three different phases to protect the buyer during the building process. The three phases of the new construction inspection include the footer inspection, pre-drywall inspection and the traditional residential inspection. This inspection process is scheduled over the course of 3 different appointments so as each phase of the house is completed, the inspection is done.   

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Pre-List Inspection

The pre-list inspection is a type of home inspection for sellers to have completed prior to listing their home for sale. This inspection will provide the sellers with a written report of what was found on the inspection to present to potential buyers or to use when fixing things prior to listing the property for sale.  

Rental Inspection

Another type of home inspection is a rental inspection. A rental inspection is completed for a person who is getting ready to rent a property. This is typically completed for the renter to ensure they are documenting the state the property is in prior to renting and of course confirming it does not have any major safety issues. A rental inspection is a great idea to protect your family and your security deposit.  

Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an add on service that provides clients with an overview of where they can be losing energy in their home. It can be very beneficial when trying to reduce electric bills and helps give the homeowner a good understanding of what they can do to help their home be more energy efficient.  

There are many different home inspection services available by Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections. Hopefully after reading today’s blog, you get a better understanding of what inspection services might be the best fit for you and your home. Schedule your inspection today!  


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