Viewing A House? 7 Great Things to Look for When Checking It Out

7 Things to Look for When Viewing a Property

Going to a showing, viewing property and researching if this home is the best home for you! There are multiple factors to consider when getting a house. You must ensure that the building appeals to you and most importantly, ensure that the house and everything in it is working perfectly.

It is rather stressful and heartbreaking moving into a house where certain facilities are unavailable, making you spend extra money in the long run. Here are 7 things to look for when viewing a property.

Does the Property have a Solid Structure?

Take your time to notice the composition of the building. Feel the walls if you can and look out for cracks. Also, pay close attention to weirdly placed furniture resting on the wall; they often cover up the cracks. The roof should not be left out; roofs can be very expensive to replace, so inquire about the roof age, the type of roof, and if there are any leakages.

Is the Property Safe?

Endeavor to check the surroundings; the porch, the backyard, attic, and basement. These are points of entry into the house. Therefore, make sure you get a proper look at them and check how secure they are. Ask about the security plans; how secure the neighborhood is, lighting, guards, cameras, alarms, and more. Do a detailed sweep of the environment by checking the windows, doors, and burglary; ensure that they are strong and fitted.

Is the Property in the right location?

Ask yourself just how close the house is to your regular stops such as the grocery store, nail shop, gas station, work, or even a bar. You certainly don’t want your home to be far from social grounds. Additionally, find out what the area is like during rush hours either during the day or at night.

Does the Property have Ambiance?

This is quite essential when buying a property. What is the surrounding like? Does it appeal to you? Are the environs of your dwelling space comfortable enough for you? This factor is dependent on you. Take a walk right outside the property and check for any odd noise that may serve as disturbance and hinder concentration or good sleep

House Ambiance

How is the Plumbing in the Property?

Make sure there are no leaking pipes, ensure the sink in the kitchen is draining perfectly. Check all taps to see if they are functioning correctly and not rusty. Pay close attention to the toilets and see if they are flushing properly. Open the cupboards and check if no pipes are rusty or leaking.

Electrical Service

While checking for your property, make sure you check the electricals. Flip all switches if you can, check for circuits, and ensure the lighting is standard. Further, check the water heater, fridge, and wall sockets. Look out for any wire hanging inside or outside the house. Inquire about the light bill and ensure you get good information on the warranty of all electrical items.

Is the Property in Your Budget?

House Budget

While checking properties, do not let emotions sweep you off your feet. Focus on your budget. Negotiate with your agent; find out how long the house has been on the market, enquire about the tax and previous owners. Be disciplined and stick to your budget. Also, find out about all bills you’ll have to pay and evaluate the cost of living.

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