The Basement: 7 Important Items to Inspect

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A home inspector will review and inspect several areas of your home to ensure it is safe to live in prior to purchasing. A basement is either fully or partially underground so it is essential that it is thoroughly inspected for any damage or pests. Whether it is finished or unfinished, it is still part of the home inspection.  

You may be wondering, what does a home inspector inspect in it? I have broken down several things a home inspector will review and inspect during the home inspection located in the basement.  

Foundation Damage

One major thing a home inspector will review in the basement as part of the home inspection is if there are any cracks in the foundation. A home inspector will look for any signs of foundation damage as this can not only be a safety hazard but it is also a very expensive thing to fix. Gaps around the windows in the basement can be another warning sign that something could be wrong with the foundation. The inspector will make note of any foundation damage in his report during the inspection.  

Signs of Moisture or Water 


Any signs of water in a basement can be a huge red flag during a home inspection. A home inspector will review it for any signs of moisture or water. Something as small as a leaky pipe can be an area of concern during an inspection because that small amount of water can cause a large amount of damage, moisture or even mold in it. Larger areas of water could be caused by leaky windows or a damaged foundation. Water damage or flooding in a basement can mean there are serious concerns about the structure of it. Any signs of water damage is reviewed and noted in the inspection report.  

Mold or Mildew

Mold or Mildew kind of goes along with signs of moisture or water in the basement. If it has a strong musty smell or even markings on the walls that look like mold it may be wise to have a mold inspection completed just to be safe. The last thing you want to do is risk buying a home with a musty odor only to end up sick from mold later.

Systems in the Basement

A home inspector will review all the systems in the basement as well. A lot of things are located in the basement of a home that are essential to keep the house operating smoothly. Items like the HVAC system, electrical panel, hot water tank, a large number of pipes and plumbing, boiler and even some appliances can be found in it. Each of these systems is inspected during the home inspection to ensure they are running and operating correctly.  

Sump Pump 


One specific system that is located in the basement is a sump pump. This system works to pump out water from the basement to prevent it from flooding. They prevent water from damaging it after a large rainfall or even when snow is melting. A home inspector will review this system during the home inspection.  

Safety Issues 

Another thing that is reviewed during the home inspection is any safety issues. If the basement has anything unsafe it will be listed in your home inspection report. For example, if your basement stairs were missing a railing or a step, an inspector will make note of that on the report as this safety issue could cause someone to get hurt.  

Pests Or Animals 

A basement is typically located partially underground so therefore it makes it easier for pests to get inside. A home inspector will make note of any pests found and may even recommend you have a termite or wood destroying organism inspection completed. If a basement has a bad pest infestation, they may even recommend remediation of specific animals be done prior to purchasing the home.  Visit Pest World for different types of pests.


A basement is the foundation of the home, so it is very important that it is not skipped during the home inspection process. If you are buying a new home or even if you have lived in your house for a while, it is always a great idea to have it inspected to ensure it is safe for you and your family.  


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