Real Estate Agents – 7 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire One

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Purchasing a home can be a very exciting and a very stressful process. With the tools we have available to us, especially technology, many people may think real estate agents are no longer necessary however there are still many benefits to hiring real estate agent. Real estate agents are super beneficial when purchasing or selling a property. Below, I have compiled a list of reasons why you should consider hiring a real estate agent when buying a home. 

Real Estate Agents Have Access to More Property Listings  

You can view many properties for sale online across several different websites from the comfort of your couch. The problem with these sites is they are not always updated in real-time. Real estate agents, however, have access to other sites to see additional information on properties and sometimes even see listings sooner. Another great benefit of working with a real estate agent is they may know if a property is about to hit the market, prior to it being listed because of connections in their office. Working with a real estate agent helps to give you a better insight into the properties available.  

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents Help You Understand The Purchase Process 

Many times, when working with a real estate agent they recommend you start the process with a lender to determine your budget and to ensure you are on the right track to buy a home. Most of the time real estate agents even have several recommendations on the best lenders they’ve worked with in the area. This insight is super beneficial as a home buyer because they can provide you with recommendations on who they have worked with in the past and also a lender will typically give you a pre- approval letter to make your offers more serious.  

 Real Estate Agents Prepare a Solid Offer 

A great thing about working with a real estate agent is they handle writing the offer. Purchasing a home consists of a lot of paperwork. A real estate agent not only handles submitting the offer but they also ensure it’s written correctly and legally.

Typically, when buying a home, a real estate agent will reach out to the selling agent, to present your offer. After that is completed, they will usually hear back from the seller’s agent and then present any counter offers back to you. This back-and-forth process can be exhausting so having a real estate agent is beneficial because they have experience with the negotiation process and can help you better understand what is considered a fair offer in the specific market.

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 Real Estate Agents Don’t Let Emotions Get In the Way 

Real estate agents work for their clients and want the same outcome, to help them get a house! A great benefit to using a real estate agent instead of trying to buy a home without one is they don’t let their emotions get involved. A real estate agent is able to stay impartial when presenting an offer or negotiating repairs so this is beneficial when working out conditions in an offer or agreeing on a price.  

 Real Estate Agents Negotiate Repairs or Other Things That Come Up on Your Behalf  

Sometimes after a home inspection is completed on a home, repairs or requests may become a concern to the buyers. A real estate agent can begin the negotiation process with the other agent to discuss what needs to be done. Having a person handle the negotiations for you is extremely beneficial because it is less that you need to worry about in an already stressful situation. 

 Real Estate Agents Know the Market and The Area 

A great real estate agent will have insights into the area you are searching for a home based off their experience. They will be very beneficial when asking questions about schools, neighborhoods and even comparing prices. Real estate agents can also do a competitive analysis to see how your offer compares to other homes sold in the area and help you understand if a home is overpriced or listed at a fair value.  

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents Help You Get to Closing Sooner 

Real estate agents typically handle a lot of the paperwork leading up to your closing on a home. Many times, they will guide you on your next steps in the home buying process after an offer is accepted and even talk with lenders or lawyers to ensure everything they need to submit prior to closing. A real estate agents previous experience can also help them be proactive in your home buying process so they can handle any issues prior to them being a deal killer.  

Real estate agents are definitely worth it when buying or selling a home. They help alleviate any unnecessary stress off you and their experience helps you navigate the buying process in a much easier way than without them. If you are considering buying a home, don’t jump in without a real estate agent. They know what they are doing and are great to have on your team! 


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  1. Luke McCallion

    Well, it’s true that while purchasing or selling a house, if you are taking help from real estate agents it is well worth the investment. They take away any extra worry from you, and their experience makes navigating the buying process much easier than it would be without them. If you’re thinking about buying a house, hire a real estate agent first. They know what they’re doing and are an excellent addition to your team!

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