About Us

Company Mission

Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections’ provides superior customer service and home inspection services by striving to provide an easy inspection booking process, same-day inspection reports, and unbiased, honest, and impartial home inspection services to all our clients. Our certified home inspectors and staff will remain friendly, helpful, and honest from first contact to completion. Ellingwood Pro home inspectors and staff are squared away, ready and present to be a resource to clients and agents for their home inspection needs.  

Company Values

Be Helpful

Be Honest

Be Dependable


Where Does the Name Ellingwood Pro Come From?

Geremey Engle, the owner of Ellingwood Pro, named the company after one of his favorite hikes in Colorado Mt. Ellingwood. He grew up in the mountains of Harpers Ferry with live-in grandparents. Growing up he did a lot of hiking, bike riding and was around his grandfather a lot who was a builder and carpenter. His passion for building started at a young age. To date, he has summited the highest mountain outside the Himalayas called Mt Aconcagua which stands at 22,840 ft. He self-guided and led that expedition in 2016 along with 2 other friends and his wife.