Frequently Asked Questions (Faq's)

Many times clients have questions regarding the home inspection process and are curious about what to expect for their upcoming inspection. We have compiled a list of our top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at (276) 566-5669


Why Should I Have a Home Inspection? An inspection offers an unbiased report of a property’s condition that will allow you to make an informed decision about purchasing the home. If something significant was to be found, a buyer could also use it as a negotiating tool during the buying process.

When Should I Schedule My Home Inspection? Typically, a home inspection is booked after an offer is made and accepted and prior to the closing date.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take? The average home inspection takes 2-3 hours to complete but it’s largely dependent on the size and condition of the home.

What Is Covered In a Home inspection? A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive, non-exhaustive examination of the system and components of the home’s interior and exterior that is readily accessible. For a complete list of what’s inspected please visit:

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost? Home Inspections vary in price depending on the size, age, and location of the home. Try our free estimate tool to determine your home inspection cost.

Using the tool you will enter the home’s address and select the services you want. Once the information is entered a price to automatically calculated. To use the free estimate tool please visit:

Does The Home Buyer Need To Be At The Home Inspection? Because home inspections take 2-3 hours on average we recommend that the home buyer arrives about one hour after the inspection start, saving you time.

It also allows the inspector a chance to get started with the inspection, uninterrupted allowing the home inspector to produce the best possible home inspection. At the end of the home inspection, the inspector will walk the home with the clients and review all the defects they found during the home inspection.

In short, yes we would love for our clients to be there but if you can’t be there we will send you an electronic detailed report with lots of photos, that we would be happy to review with you over the phone.

Will The Home Inspector Go Into The Attic And Crawl Space? The home inspector will make every effort to inspect all areas of the home as long as the areas are accessible and safe to enter.

Can I Fail a Home Inspection? No, a home inspection should never be a pass or fail. The purpose of the inspection is to find any problems with the home.

Most problems are repairable but the severity of the problem varies, so it is up to the buyer to decide how they would proceed with the home-buying process.

When Will I Receive My Inspection Report? Your report will be sent to you on the same day as the inspection.

How Will I Receive My Home Inspection Report? It will be sent digitally. From there it can be converted to a PDF file if you’d like to print it out. You can view our sample home inspection reports here: 

Where Can I Find My Invoice? Invoices can be found in your Customer Portal under the documents section.

If you have trouble locating it, please call, text, or email us, and we would be happy to send you a copy.

Can The Home Inspector Repair Any Defects He or She Finds? No, even though our inspectors have a background in residential construction, they are not allowed to repair the issues they find during their inspections as it would cause a conflict of interest and goes against the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Where Are You Located? We are based out of Winchester, VA  but we service VA, WV, and MD. Visit our Service Area Page to view all the counties we service:

Do You Offer Discounts? All military, veterans, and first responders receive a 10% discount. We also do free inspections for immediate family members who lost a loved one in the line of duty be it military or first responders.

What Do I Need To Do To Receive The Military, Veterans, or First Responders Discount? Call, text, or email us. We will provide you with a promo code or manually adjust the cost if an inspection is already scheduled.

Is There a Way to Get a Different Time Slot When Booking Online For An Inspection? If a time slot that’s available during online booking does not work for you, please give us a call. We’d be happy to book a custom time for you.

Do you perform inspections on the weekends? Yes 

How Are Your Roof Inspections Completed? We will get on the roof to inspect it, as long as, we feel it is safe to and it is not higher than 18 ft (we only have 18 ft ladders). If we feel it is unsafe to get on the roof, we will then inspect it from the ground.

Can I Book Just a Roof Inspection? No, we cannot perform just a roof inspection. Our standards of practice require us to cover certain items in our reports, so performing only an inspection on a roof would be operating out of the state-required standards.

Do You Perform Sewage Inspections? No, we do not

Do You Perform Well Inspections? No, we do not

Do You Perform Water Testing? Currently, this service is only available when you book our premium inspection service package. You can learn more about our inspection packages here:

Do You Perform Lead Testing? Currently, we do not, but we hope to add it soon. FAQ


If you have any additional questions regarding our inspection services or service areas that you do not see on our FAQ page, please do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance! Do you have a question you think we should add to our FAQ page, let us know.