New Construction Inspection

New construction homes go through several checks from the builder but sometimes things can still be overlooked or missed. It is important to have a new construction home inspection from an impartial party to ensure things are done correctly during new construction. Give our team a call today to schedule your New Construction Inspection. 

There are TWO Recommended New construction Inspections

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Pre-Drywall Inspection - Phase ONE

Pre-Drywall inspections take place just before the drywall goes up after all other trades have completed their rough-in work to include the framers, electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc.

During the Pre-Drywall Inspection, our certified home inspector will inspect: the foundation; floor system; roof system; wall system; plumbing system; electrical system; HVAC; exterior wall covering; roof covering; and the interior. electrical wiring and junction box, placement; framing; foundation slabs, walls and drains; footings; notching of floor joists; firestop material; pier pads; crawlspace; retaining walls; plumbing pipe placement; waterproofing; flashing for windows and doors; wall studs; any missing metal clips; and the placement of HVAC air ducts and registers.

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Final Inspection - Phase TWO

The Final Inspection is commonly referred to as a standard home inspection. The certified home inspector inspects the final product of the exterior, interior, and all appliances and components of the house as covered by the standards of practice. You may find more information regarding a home inspection at the below link.