5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof 

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A house’s roof is a major component of a home. There are several things in a home that require maintenance to keep it in top shape. Performing normal maintenance on a home is one of the tasks that come with being a homeowner but fixing and replacing items in a home is also part of the responsibility. If you own a home, you should definitely keep these signs in mind when looking at your roof and determining if you need a new one.

1) Leaky Roof  

If you have a roof that leaks it is definitely important to investigate it further to see if you just need to replace a couple shingles or replace the whole roof. One of the biggest reasons to replace a roof is storm damage. Storms can cause trees to fall down or even branches to break, causing damage to the roof. The buildup of ice and snow in the winter as well as large amounts of rain can definitely cause damage to a roof. If you have a visible leak in your roof, it is best to have it looked at by a professional as quickly as possible to prevent any future damage.  

2) Water Damage Inside the Home 

This goes along with a leaking roof. If you have water damage inside your home in the attic or even on the ceiling it definitely, will require you to look into the damage to figure out the cause. If your roof has been leaking for a while but you have not noticed it, it could have caused a lot of damage to the attic or even allowed mold to build up. If you have signs of water damage inside your home, it is important to check your roof to see if it needs to be replaced.  

3) Age 

Roofs typically last from 20-25 years. An old roof is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced. To prevent damage to your home or a sagging roof it is best to replace your roof when it gets old.  White and Brown Painted House

4) Sagging Spots  

Take a look at the roof and make sure it looks level. If you see sagging spots or drops in the roof line it can be a sign of damage to the structure of the roof. If the support joists are damaged by moisture then the roof most likely needs to be replaced. If you or a professional walk on the roof and notice it is soft in some areas and even a little sponge like, the roof is unsafe and should be looked at by a professional right away.  

 5) Curling or Cracked Shingles 

Take a look at your roof and look at the shingles. If you notice the edges of the shingles are curling or even cracked it may be time for a new roof. Shingles should lay flat, if you do not see flat shingles then you have a problem. Shingles will begin to decay and break down overtime so taking a look at the roof is an easy way to determine if you need to hire a professional to determine if a new roof is right for you.  

There are many signs that point to replacing your roof. Some signs like a leaking roof or significant damage after a storm may be more obvious in indicating you need a new roof than others. Be sure to take a look at your roof every once and a while even if it is not over 20 years old just to be sure you do not need to patch anything or replace it sooner. It is also a great idea to look in your attic for water damage occasionally as well to ensure everything is in great shape.  


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