Home Seller – Top 12 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Home Inspection

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Are you becoming a home seller? When many people think of a home inspection they automatically think about the buyer but quickly forget about the home seller. There are many things a home seller can do to their home to best prepare for a home inspection. To take a little stress off the home seller I have compiled a list of the top 12 ways to best prepare for a home inspection as a home seller.

Top 12 Ways to Prepare for a Home Inspection as a Home Seller


Make Sure No Plants are Touching the House

Check the exterior of the home and make sure there are no plants are touching the house. If so, make sure to cut the plants back prior to the home inspection.

Replace Air Filter for AC Unit

This is something that inspectors see all the time and mark as an issue on the home inspection report. Don’t get dinged on your inspection report, change the AC filter before the inspection.

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Make Sure all Light Bulbs are Working in all Areas of the Home

If an area is too dark or several light bulbs are not working it makes it difficult for the inspector to view areas of the home and inspect them. Not only that but if a light bulb is not working or removed then the inspector will also have to inspect to make sure the light fixture is in working order. If you know your light fixtures work, be sure to make sure all light bulbs work.

Make Sure the Water and Utilities are Turned on

If the water is not running or the electricity is not turned on the inspector cannot check if several items in the home are working or not. To prevent negative items on the report or a possible second inspection, ensure that all utilities are turned on.

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Make Sure all Windows in the Home Open

This is very important to make sure all windows in the home open and close. Make sure none of the windows are painted or screwed shut. If they have been painted shut, be sure to go through and use a utility knife to clean and ensure they open with ease.

Inspect your Home and Make Sure you are not Missing any Handrails

Check handrails throughout the home. Make sure if any have been removed they are replaced. Also, be sure to go through and make sure if you have completed any DIY projects in the home that a handrail is not required.

Look Through the House for Missing Caulk and Grout

Missing Caulk around a tub, or missing grout in flooring is something that you begin to live with when you own a house.  Be sure to double-check and replace any missing caulk or grout prior to the home inspection. Not sure where to look?  Visit Waterproof Caulking for areas to look at.

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Declutter Home

Be sure to look through the house and ensure that all areas are decluttered. If an area is too cluttered it may prevent an inspector from getting to that section of the home and inspecting it. If an inspector can not inspect a specific area of the house it can cause issues with the inspection report and cause a complication of a possible second inspection.

Check the Toilets

Make sure they are not running for a long time and are working properly. Fixing a running toilet is fairly inexpensive and quick. This is something you will want to fix prior to the inspection to prevent a possible ding on the inspection report.

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Unclog Drains

Ensure there are no clogged drains that could come up during the inspection. Go through the house and check to ensure all the drains are draining smoothly and not blocked.

Check your Doors

Walk through your house and make sure all doors are in working order. Sometimes temperature changes can warp doors so it is important to check all doors, even in areas of the home you do not use all the time.

Check the Electrical Panel

Make sure the electrical panel is labeled properly and all breakers are in working order. It can be confusing to anyone looking at an electrical panel, that they are not used to seeing every day, so labeling the breakers can help make it smoother and easier for the inspection process.

We have also created this amazing checklist to make it super easy for home sellers to follow when preparing for a home inspection. You can view the home seller checklist here. Ellingwood Pro also offers Pre-List Home Inspections. A pre-list home inspection has several benefits for the home seller, such as, attracting serious buyers, prevents the home seller from being blind sided, and saving time with speedier transactions.

Have questions about home inspections? Give us a call at 276-566-5669. You can schedule directly online or by giving us a call. Curious about the cost of our inspections? Check out our free estimate tool on our website or by clicking here.


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