Home Inspection Costs


Many people who are serious about buying a home typically have a home inspection completed. A home inspection is generally scheduled within a few days after their offer is accepted. A home inspection helps give buyers a closer look on what can possibly be wrong with the home. It can also be used by sellers to make a home more attractive to buyers!

Who Pays for a Home Inspection? 

Generally speaking the buyers of a home pay for a residential home inspection and any other specialized inspections they want to have completed. For example, if they want the house inspected for termite or radon this is usually an additional charge on top of the standard home inspection.

In some cases a seller will pay for an inspection before listing a house for sale. This is typically called a Pre-List home inspection. This is completed by serious sellers who do not want to have any hidden surprises during the sale process. Many sellers will also use this as a selling point when listing their home as they have already taken the time to have the house inspected and sometimes have already made repairs to the home. Some buyers even have their home inspected for Radon or Termites as well. This is an added selling point that they can show buyers and helps them show how serious they are with selling the home as well.

Who pays for the repairs or areas of concern on an inspection report? 

Typically after a buyer has an inspection completed, if the inspection report shows major repairs they will sometimes ask the seller to help pay for them or renegotiate. In some cases sellers will offer to repair certain items before closing but in others they may decide to sell the house “as is” and not make any repairs. This can truly vary with each real estate transaction and will depend on the buyers, sellers and offer made on the property.

How is a Home Inspection Price Calculated? 

Each home inspector will have their inspections priced differently. At Ellingwood Pro our home inspections are based on the age and square footage of the home. The price of adding on a radon and termite inspection to an already scheduled residential inspection,  will vary in price from just having each inspection scheduled on its own. The best thing to do when determining the price of a home inspection with Ellingwood Pro, is to use our free estimate calculator. This will allow you to enter in the home’s address and it will automatically input the age and square footage of the home. From there the price of the inspection is calculated and you will be given the cost before booking an appointment for your inspection. We keep our pricing as transparent as possible so there are no hidden fees or surprise costs after confirming the appointment with us. An added bonus is that you can book the inspection and pay for the inspection online.

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, be sure to talk with local home inspectors to see if a home inspection is right for you.


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