4 Ways Ellingwood Pro Makes the Home Inspection Process Simple and Easy


Here at Ellingwood Pro, we do everything we can to make the home inspection process as easy as possible for our clients. From scheduling to the report we try to make sure we do everything we can to make the inspection process as stress free as possible.

Step 1 of the Inspection Process: Free Estimate Tool



The first step of the inspection process is to find out the cost of the home inspection. On our website we offer a Free Estimate Tool, allowing you to know the cost of your inspection prior to booking your appointment. This tool allows you to choose the inspection services you want, enter in the home’s address and it auto-populates the age and square footage of the home.

From there it shows you the estimated cost of the inspection and asks you if you want to book an appointment online with us. This tool on our website helps take out the guesswork when planning your home inspection. You are able to the price of the inspection prior to booking anything so it eliminates any worries you may have about a surprise cost.

Step 2 of the Inspection Process: Book Your Inspection Online

We keep the inspection process easy! Pay online.

The next step to the inspection process is booking your inspection. Whether you choose to use the free estimate tool on our website or not, you can book your inspection appointment online. On the Ellingwood Pro website you can simply select “schedule inspection” to book your appointment with our certified home inspector online. If you prefer to call to book an inspection you can of course reach out to us at (276) 566-5669. We make the scheduling process super easy for our clients. Once an inspection is scheduled you will receive a confirmation and we will even reach out to your real estate agent provided, to confirm the appointment with them as well!

Step 3 of the Inspection Process: Payment and Paperwork is Done Online too


The next step of the inspection process is to sign your agreement and pay for the inspection. We try to make everything as convenient as we can on our clients so we do all our paperwork online as well. Clients can view and confirm their inspection agreement online. Payment for inspections are made securely online too! After this paying and completing the paperwork, the next step of the inspection process is the actual home inspection itself.

Reports Are Available to View Online But You Can Print Out a PDF Version as Well

We make sure we are thorough during our inspection and walk through the home diligently checking over all areas of the home. When an inspection is finished, our inspector completes the inspection report and sends you details on how to view the report online. Your real estate agent will also get a copy of the inspection report.

Once you view the report you will see it is broken down by each category of the home. It also includes a summary of the inspection. You can also click on each version of the home to see the inspector’s notes on all areas and you can even view photos taken by the inspector. If the online version isn’t what you are looking for you can even view the PDF version and print it out at home.

We hope that at Ellingwood Pro we provide our clients with the best experience they have with their home inspector. We do our best to make the process as stress free as possible and try to do anything we can to make it easier on everyone.

From online scheduling, to viewing the report online we do our best to ensure the client has all the information they need about their inspection. Our inspector takes his time during an inspection and ensures he includes lots of photos and any extra details he finds important during the inspection. If you need help with booking an inspection or you have questions about our home inspection process or services please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at (276) 566-5669!


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