5 Simple Ways Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors Work Together for YOU!

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The first step in buying or selling a home is ensuring you have a great team to work well for you. That includes an amazing real estate agent, a thorough home inspector and when buying a home a great lender will be a part of the team too.  It is very important to know that each individual works on their own but make up a team to help you make the best decisions when buying or selling a home.

Your Real Estate Agent Will be The Number One Person You Talk With

Real Estate Agent and BuyersYour real estate agent will be the number one person on your team you will be communicating with. They will discuss the areas you wish to live or help you when preparing to sell your home, show you properties or list your home, write your offer or go over offers from buyers and along with many other things they will coordinate your closing process. Real estate agents do a lot of work for you but the best real estate agents work well with everyone else on your team too! A real estate agent will usually provide you with a couple home inspectors you may want to review and use to inspect the home.

Your Home Inspector and Real Estate Agent Work Together

Your home inspector will coordinate with your real estate agent some details of the home inspection. They will typically contact the agent to confirm the date and time of the inspection, confirm how they will access the property for the inspection and they will usually provide the real estate agent a copy of the home inspection report (when applicable) the client receives. Both the real estate agent and the inspector are on your team and work for you!

Your Home Inspector Works For You

Inspector A home inspector works for you too! A home inspector will review the condition of the property and discuss any damages they find with you. During a residential home inspection they will write a report detailing their finding and provide copies to the client and real estate agent. During a walk and talk inspection they will do an informal inspection of the property and discuss their findings with you.

Your Home Inspector Completes the Inspection

A home inspection can make or break the purchase or sale of a home and everyone on your team knows this. Many real estate agents and home inspectors work well together because they are both doing the best they can for their client. With a home inspection it helps you best understand what your next move will be. Your real estate agent can help guide you on your next steps after an inspection and you can then decide if you should move forward with listing/buying a home or if you need to stop and fix items in the home or renegotiate before moving forward.

Real Estate Agent

Your Real Estate Agent Helps You in the Buying Process

A real estate agent and home inspector work together to help a client have all the information about a home before moving forward in the buying and selling process. Anyone who is buying or selling a home deserves to have the best team working for them and the best real estate agents and home inspectors always do their best and work great with others to make the best overall experience for their clients!

When buying or selling your home you want to make sure you have a real estate agent you can rely on and a home inspector who is honest. Having a great team working with you can make the buying and selling process so much smoother and less stressful.


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