A Basic Day in the Life of a Home Buyer with 3 Realistic Steps

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What’s it like to buy a home? How does one begin the home buying process? It is important to know the answer to these questions, especially since the real estate market fluctuates frequently throughout the years. Most people do not know the ins and outs of the home buying process so it comes as a huge advantage to learn about it before you go home searching. When preparing for the home buying process, it is important to understand three crucial things: what it is like to put an offer on a house, having an offer accepted, and reasons why you should inspect your house before buying.

The Home Buying Process

Before you begin to craft your offer you should have already figured out how much you can afford; additionally, you should have already met with a mortgage lender, once these basic steps are completed you can begin to compile your offer. Offers depend a lot on price, but they also depend on factors such as the down payment and the offer’s terms. Once you’ve prepared your offer and worked out all the details you should submit it. After submission you may need to negotiate, but once the offer is accepted it is legally binding.

For more information about how to place an offer, you can check out this article:

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If you want to increase the likelihood of your offer being accepted, then a personal letter might be the addition you need. Forming a more personal connection with the seller can help increase the chances of your offer being accepted. Keep in mind that a counteroffer can be given by the seller, thus marking the beginning of negotiations. If a counter offer should happen then you can accept or deny. The first step after an offer is accepted is to move on to the next steps and contingencies of the offer. During this stage it is wise to call for an inspection of the house.

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This brings us to inspections and whether or not you should invest in one. The short answer is yes, you should definitely have your home inspected before any solid decisions are made. Small problems within a home can be hard to detect at first and you don’t want to pay more for a house with a leaky roof. Some certified home inspectors can also check for pest problems or septic issues, ensuring there aren’t any major issues with your home. If you want peace of mind and are keen on avoiding future inconveniences then a residential home inspection is a worthy investment.

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Overall the home buying process is not too complicated and it can be advantageous to know the basics before you begin making offers. The home buying process involves crafting, negotiating, and having your offer accepted which all contain various steps and the timing of the home buying process can vary significantly. The real estate market is ever changing so be sure to update your knowledge the next time you plan on moving. Lastly, it is highly important to inspect your home before any final decisions are made.

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