Is a Home Inspection Worth the Money? 3 Important Reasons We Say YES!

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Buying a home can cost a ton of money. You want to be mindful of what you are spending your money on and if everything you are buying is worth it. After reviewing homes and finding the one you love, it’s time to put in an offer on the house. When writing an offer to purchase a home, one thing that comes up is a home inspection.

Many buyers immediately add a home inspection contingency as part of their offer to keep them protected if the home inspector finds a major defect in the house. It is not recommended to skip a home inspection when purchasing a home as it helps give buyers peace of mind and a second opinion on the condition of the home. You may be thinking, is a home inspection really worth the money? Yes, it is definitely worth the money and here is why!

How Much Money Does it Cost You?

Let’s first talk about the price. The average home inspection with Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections is around $420, please note this price can change based off the age and square footage of the home. The great thing about Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections is that you can use our free estimate tool to calculate the cost of your inspection, prior to booking an appointment with us. At Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections, your inspection is completed by a certified home inspector and your report is delivered to you digitally the same day as your inspection.

Money in a piggy bank

Here at Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections we use InterNACHI’s standards of practice to complete our residential home inspections. An added bonus of our home inspectors being InterNACHI certified is that we are able to offer our clients, InterNACHI’s Buy-Back Guarantee, which helps give them peace of mind if an inspector misses something major during their inspection.

Paying for a home inspection by a certified home inspector is worth the money because then you know you are getting the best and paying for a quality inspection. Not all home inspectors have the same qualifications or way of doing things, so when booking an inspection be sure to pay attention to the certifications, standards of practice and report times when choosing a great home inspector. 

Don’t Take the Sellers Word


A home inspection is for the buyer. It helps them get a second opinion and not just take the seller’s word of if there’s anything wrong with the house. A home inspector will take time to inspect the home and make notes of anything they see that needs repaired on the report. An inspection report will not only include major issues with the home but it will also include safety concerns and/or minor issues.

All these are important to note on a home inspection so you can either begin to renegotiate with the seller or choose to walk away if the repairs are too major for you to handle. If a home inspection reveals a crack in the foundation or faulty electrical wiring it is completely worth the money if it helps you begin renegotiating or allows you to walk away from a project house you don’t want to deal with. 


Prepare and Save Money for Future Repairsthree black handled pliers on brown surface

Even if the inspection does not reveal major fixes it can help give you a second opinion and even help you determine all the small things in a house that need to be repaired. This will help you begin to tackle these minor issues after moving in to prevent them turning into major issues later on. If a home inspection only reveals a couple minor issues with the home the price of the inspection is minimal compared to the peace of mind it provides and the detailed report is a great starting point on what house projects to tackle first. 

To some a home inspection might seem like something they can skip to save money but it’s definitely worth the money you spend to help a buyer best understand the state of the home prior to purchasing. When using Ellingwood Pro Home Inspections you can be sure you will receive a quality home inspection and your report will be sent to you quickly so you can keep moving forward in your home buying process.

A home is a huge investment so do not cut costs on things that can help you when buying a home. A home inspection is worth the money because every penny it costs gives you peace of mind and a second opinion on the state of the home you are buying.


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