5 Signs You Have Damaged Windows That Need Replaced

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Windows are just one of the many things in a home that need continued maintenance and upkeep. You need to pay close attention to all the components of the home and keep everything in the best shape to help them last longer and avoid major issues. One thing that all homes have is windows. There are many signs that windows need to be replaced, and Ellingwood Pro has broken down the top 5 Signs That You Need New Windows below.  


Is the Glass Broken? 

The most obvious sign that it is time to replace a window is if it is visibly broken. If you can see that it is damaged then it is definitely time to replace it. Go through your home and look at all your windows. Can you see a crack in any of them caused by the temperature changes or even something hitting it? If so, then it is time to replace it.  

How Old Are Your Windows?  

Windows can typically last 15- 30 years. If you keep them in good shape, you will get the most use out of them. This can vary based on the quality of the materials used in the windows and the quality of the installation. The better the quality of the window the more durable it will be overtime. If the windows were installed wrong to begin with they may not last long at all. Over time, it is normal for window seals to weaken from the weather.  


Do You Feel a Draft? 

If you feel a draft around your windows then it could be a simple fix by replacing your weatherstripping or it could mean that it is time for a new window. If you are not sure how to update and replace the weather stripping, visit Lowe’s for how to instructions. If you feel a draft around your window then you may need to start investigating the cause further. If the window is fairly old then it may be time to start shopping for a replacement. If you notice the draft even after replacing the weather stripping then there may be something wrong with the window and it might be time to replace the window.  

Are Your Windows Easy to Open and Close? 

If you are not able to open and close your windows with ease then it might be time for a good cleaning. After removing all dirt and debris, if you are still having difficulty opening and closing any of the windows then you may want to look at the functioning of those windows. Are springs or interior pieces missing from the windows? Are the windows painted shut? If a window is unable to open and close properly then it is definitely a reason to replace them.  

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Are Your Energy Bills High?  

The final sign it might be time to replace your windows is if you have high energy bills. If you notice that your energy costs are higher and higher it could be your windows to blame. For example, during the warmer months if your windows are damaged, they may let in a lot of heat, causing your air conditioning to run harder and harder. This can then increase your energy costs.

If your windows are damaged then they are not efficient and it is time to replace them before your energy bills keep climbing. It may also be beneficial to have a home energy audit which would provide valuable information on where you may be losing energy in your home and how you could improve the issues. 

Be sure to evaluate all of your windows in your home to make sure they are functioning properly. If any of them are visibly damaged, letting in a draft or seem to be very old then it might be time to replace your windows. When in doubt get an opinion by a professional and ask them if they think you need to replace the window or if there is something they can do to fix it.  


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