Summer Home Maintenance – 10 Simple and Easy Tasks

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It is summertime and there are so many things that you should complete around your house to maintain it and keep it in the best shape. You may be thinking isn’t this just a list of house projects, no it is not, it is a list of things you should do to maintain your home to keep it in the best shape possible. If you already have nice things then be sure to take care of them. This list will help you tackle your summer home maintenance.  

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Clean Out Your Gutters 

One thing you should do early in the spring and again in the summertime is clean out your gutters. Leaves, pine needles, debris, and other items can pile up in your gutter. To ensure they are working properly when it rains you should clean them out early in the season.  

Pressure Wash  

It’s time to bust out the pressure washer. Take time during the warmer months to pressure wash your sidewalk and driveway. It is also a great idea to pressure wash the siding of your home and other stubborn areas that may need a good cleaning. Over time, dirt, mildew, pollen and algae will build up on your siding so take time to clean it when it is not freezing outside to keep your home in top shape. Make sure you use a good cleaner when pressure washing to help make your job easier.  

Wash Windows and Replace Window Screens 

The summer months are the best time to clean your windows and window screens. You can take out all your window screens and hose them down to remove any unnecessary build up. If you have a larger home, and want to avoid climbing a ladder, you can use a window spray cleaner attached to the hose or even hire a window cleaning company. It is also a great idea to wipe down the inside of all your window sills so the entire window is fresh and clean.  

Summer Home Maintenance

Clean up Your Yard 

The next home maintenance task has several parts. Take time in the summer months to clean up your yard. This means you should apply grass seed and fertilizer where needed and even review your garden beds to see if any plants need to be added or cut back. Look around your yard and see if you have any large holes that need to be filled in or spaces where you can use a little top soil.

You also want to keep an eye on your lawn all summer to treat any unwanted weeds. Be sure to review the items in your yard too. Do you have a play set that is no longer safe for the kids, if so, consider getting rid of it. If you have junk or trash piled up clean up your yard before the leaves begin to fall and it gets lost under the snow.  

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Test Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Be sure to test your batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. These are for you and your family’s safety so be sure to make sure they are working properly in case of an emergency.  

Clean Appliances 

Next, give your appliance a deep cleaning. You can even save these tasks for a rainy day over the summer but make sure you do some much needed cleaning on some of these main appliances to keep them in the best shape to continue to run smoothly. You can use a special dishwashing and washing machine tablet to clean the appliances during the hottest cycle on the appliance. Be sure to read the instructions for the appliance cleaning tablets used and you can check them off your list. Cleaning out the dryer duct is also a great idea to avoid build up and possibly even a fire.

Don’t forget about your stove and refrigerator, too. Another item you may want to consider giving a good cleaning is the garbage disposal. Cleaning it can remove odors and build up allowing it to run better.  Visit Better Homes & Gardens for tips on how to tackle cleaning your appliances.

Summer Home Maintenance

Wipe Down and Clean Your Baseboards 

This cleaning task may seem a bit silly but you would be surprised how much dirt and dust build up on your baseboards. Use hot water and a cleaning solution to wipe down all the baseboards in your home.  

Change Air Conditioning Filter 

If you have not already done it already now is the best time to change your air conditioning filter. Changing out the filter allows the HVAC system to run properly this summer. It also ensures no extra dust is getting in the system causing it to fail. Be sure to replace your AC filter to avoid having issues with the AC over the summer months.  

Check Your Fence 

This summer make sure you take a look at your outdoor fence and gates. Are they falling apart? Does it need a good cleaning? Take time to fix areas in your fence that are rotted or broken. You also want to make sure the gates are working properly as well and complete any repairs.  

Treat For Bugs  

A great idea for this summer is if you do not have a pest control company you use regularly is to treat for bugs. Make sure you look up what types of treatment you wish to use inside and outside your home. Read all instructions and follow them when applying any chemicals around your home.  

The summer is a time for making memories and vacations but it is also a great time to get things done. Be sure to complete home maintenance around your home in conjunction with new projects. Ellingwood Pro hopes this helps keep the things you already have in great shape this summer and avoid larger problems later on. 

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