Should Your Offer be Contingent on a Home Inspection? 2 Big Questions Answered

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Is a home inspection necessary in this housing market? We are living in a very competitive seller’s market with housing inventory at all-time low. It can be very frustrating looking for your first home; moving up to a larger home or finding the perfect second home for the family. Just when you think you have found the perfect home, you learn it went under contract earlier in the day.

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Finally, you have FOUND it – the home of your dreams! Now to write an offer with your realtor telling you the seller is asking for the highest and best offer. Your real estate agent advises you the more cash you are putting down on the property and the less you ask for when negotiating, the better chance you have of having your offer accepted. Should your offer be contingent on a home inspection?

Let’s look at what the home inspection can reveal and whether you are in a position to accept a home without a home inspection. Unless you are a general contractor with knowledge of construction, you will not have a trained eye to find problems that could become a financial burden in the future. That said, a home inspection will reveal structural problems or deficiencies; electrical and plumbing issues; and safety concerns to name a few. Don’t take the risk and inspect before you buy!

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Is Skipping The Home Inspection Worth The Risk?

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If you are in love with the home you have found and are financially well off, you probably can absorb the risk of buying without a home inspection. Most buyers are not in a position to buy only to find out later there are major repairs. On the other hand, a buyer may have the financial resources to absorb some repairs as long as one is aware of what to expect. To be informed and prepared to deal with repairs can make a difference in whether to proceed with the purchase.

A Home Inspection Helps to Prevent Surprises

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments a person makes in their lifetime. In presenting a competitive offer and assuring there will be no big surprises as to the property itself, a buyer can present an offer contingent only on having a home inspection for their edification – and still accept the property “as is”.

On the other hand, the contract may have a contingency giving a specified number of days to have a home inspection completed. The buyer then can either proceed with the contract or withdrawal the offer based on the outcome of the inspection.

Highest and best offer? When a real estate agent is explaining you need to submit your highest and best offer you want to make sure you are sending in  your final offer and that it is the absolute best you can do.  Buying a home is not for the timid and the home inspection should be a critical piece of the buying experience whether as a tool to make an informed decision or to assist in negotiating a contract. Relying on an experienced home inspector can make all the difference in making the joy of owning a home a reality.

Wishing you a happy home buying experience!


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